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    How to find the End portal

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    Gather the necessary materials

    As I already mentioned in the introduction, theEnd it is a dimension that is accessible through a portal. It is not possible to build it in the mode Survival, but you can find it inside the Underground fortresses. Before going into this topic, which I will talk about specifically in this chapter, it is good to first find all the resources necessary to open the portal and, above all, to face this adventure.

    Il End portal opens only if you have the Eyes of Ender. You need twelve to open it, but you'll need to get a few more so you can also find the place where the portal resides. But I'll talk about this topic in the next chapter: now let's focus on the materials to collect.

    To create a Eye of Ender, you need a unit of Pearl of Ender and one of Blaze powder. The Pearl of Ender is achieved primarily by defeating a Enderman, but there are other different ways to retrieve this resource: for example, it can be found in the chests you find in the Mansions in the forest or in those at the altars of the Underground fortresses; alternatively, it can be purchased from village healing NPCs in exchange for emeralds.

    La Blaze powder, on the other hand, it is obtained from the processing of Rod of Blaze, an item obtained by defeating the Blaze, creatures that live in the Nether. Surely you have heard of this place but, if not, I refer you to my guide dedicated to this topic.

    I warn you that these creatures of fire are very fierce but you can take advantage of their weak point, which is thewater: using for example snowballs, you can take up to three points of health from them.

    When you have these materials, put them together in a bank gives lavoro to create theEye of Ender. As I have already mentioned, you will need twelve in total just to open the End portal. However, I recommend that you create at least two or more others, as you will need them to locate the Underground fortress, which I will tell you about in the next paragraphs.

    How to find the underground fortress

    La Underground fortress it is a place that contains the room of the End portal. There are several fortresses in the world of Minecraft, but you can reach the one closest to you through the methods that I will show you in the next chapters.

    Finding a Fortress through the Eyes of Ender

    To find one Underground fortress, you need theEye of Ender. This object, in addition to being the access key to the End portal, is also a sort of compass. When you equip it and interact on it, it will fly up, towards the direction the fortress is. It won't take you a long way, but it will point you in the direction you need to go. In other words, theEye of Ender he is attracted by the presence of the portal, even if distant and deep underground.

    When theEye of Ender it is used, however, there is a 20% chance that it will be consumed and, therefore, lost forever. For this reason, in addition to the amount you will have to keep to open the portal, you will have to bring several others with you.

    First, interact on theEye of Ender and watch the direction in which it moves. Once this is done, go to the place where it fell to pick it up and move at least 300 (or even more) blocks away, in the direction indicated, before throwing it back into the air.

    After you have distanced yourself quite a bit from the first launch, interact again on theEye of Ender to check the direction in which to continue: if you are instructed to continue in the same direction again, it means that you are still far away; instead, if it goes back, it means that you have passed the position of Underground fortress. In the latter case, go back a few hundred blocks and try to throw the object again.

    You will notice that you have arrived above the Underground fortress when, after launching theEye of Ender, instead of flying it will enter the ground. All you have to do is dig, to access the fortress and find the room with the End portal.

    Finding a Fortress via the coordinate system

    There is also another method to find one Underground fortress, using only two at most Eyes of Ender. This method consists of using the Minecraft coordinate system to determine the exact spot where the fortress is located.

    I'll explain in detail how this system works: the world of Minecraft is distributed on a plane and, to orient yourself, coordinates are available X e Z to determine the position of a point on space; the coordinate Y, which has no importance in this guide, represents the height at which the point is located, relative to the sea level. In addition to these parameters, there is also the one named Facing, which indicates the direction the point is looking at, relative to the X and Z axes in the plane.

    When you cast a Eye of Ender, pressing F3, you get a variety of information on the screen, including the values ​​of X, Z e Facing. You need the values ​​that you get from two throws of this object, made from two distant positions and which are at different angles. I'll explain.

    If you paid attention during your math lessons at school, you will surely know that, with all the information I indicated in the previous paragraphs, knowing the position of two points on a graph, you can derive the position of a third point, which corresponds to the intersection of the lines crossing the two points.

    I know, maybe you're thinking I'll have you grab a pen and paper to draw boring charts. In reality this is not the case. Now that you have the notion of what you are going to do, you just need to reach one of the many websites that allow you to calculate the position of the Underground fortresses, such as

    I show you how to use this method: First, press the key F3 and launch theEye of Ender. As soon as this reaches the highest point, hold the crosshair over it and note the values ​​of X, Z e Facing. The first two values ​​can be found next to the wording X Y Z and you will need to mark only the first and third values ​​(including any negative signs). Near the wording Facinginstead, you must consider the first value you find after the opening of the parenthesis (also in this case, you must note the negative sign, if present).

    Now, go to the website I gave you and type in the values ​​of X, Z e Facing in the appropriate boxes, in the section First Throw. Then come back into the game and move away from the first launch point: I advise you not to go either in the direction where theEye of Ender, nor in the opposite one; move right or left at least 300 blocks or more to re-launch.

    For the new launch, you have to carry out the same operations I indicated earlier, noting the values ​​of X, Z e Facing, to bring them back to the section Second Throw. If you have taken the measurements correctly, you will find the values ​​of X e Z sotto the dicitura Estimated Stronghold Location to show you the position in which the Underground fortress on the Minecraft map.

    Finding a Fortress via command console

    If you want to speed up all the procedures indicated in the previous paragraphs, you can use the command console of Minecraft. This is available in the mode Creative, but you can also activate it in mode Survival.

    In the latter case, pause the game and press the button Open LAN. Then click the button commands, in order to change the wording from No a Yes. Then, confirm the procedure by pressing the key Start the world on LAN, to enable the command console.

    To enter in-game commands, press the key T, so that an input box appears at the bottom. To find one Underground fortress, type the command /locate Stronghold I awarded Submit on the keyboard. You will receive a message with the X and Z coordinates of the place to reach.

    You can decide to reach the place on foot or by teleportation. In this case, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to this topic.

    Create the portal for the End in Creative mode

    Il End portal can be built in mode Creative, using the blocks of End portal frame. To do this, open your inventory and go to the tab Research. In the search box, type the term frame to filter items and find what you are looking for.

    For the construction of the End portal you need twelve units of End portal frame to be placed on a 5 × 5 area. On each side you need to place three of these blocks, taking care not to put them on the corners. If you want to be sure you are not mistaken, I recommend that you take a look at the image above, for the correct positioning of the blocks.

    The construction of the portal ring must be carried out from the inside and not from the outside, otherwise the portal will never be able to activate: therefore take care to place the avatar inside the 5 × 5 area and to place the blocks around it, rotating the camera.

    After creating the portal, all that remains is to activate it. In this case, I recommend that you continue reading to find out more on the subject.

    Open the End portal

    Now that you have found (or built) the End portal, you have to activate it. This operation is really simple. Open the inventory and drag the Eyes of Ender in a quick slot and equip them. With these items in hand, click on a block of End portal frame, so as to activate it.

    After activating all twelve blocks, you will be shown a dark colored area inside the portal, demonstrating that the procedure has been carried out correctly. I warn you that it may happen that some blocks of the portal are already active or that you may even find it already open.

    Explore the End

    Now that you have opened the portal and are well equipped, enter the portal to access theEnd. Once inside, you will find the avatar on a large island with tall pillars and a dragon flying around them. In whichever direction you look, you will find nothing but emptiness but, beyond the horizon, you will find many small islands where you can find the City of the End.

    At the moment, you won't be able to do anything other than fight the dragon. In this guide of mine I will not explain how to defeat him, as the mechanics to succeed in the intent are quite intuitive. Only by defeating the dragon will you be able to access an additional portal that will allow you to reach the distant islands.

    After reaching them, look for the City of the End to explore its secrets. Among the treasures you can find, I would like to point out theElitre, a set of wings that allows you to reach long distances by flying, if the pyrotechnic rockets.

    How to find the End portal

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