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    How to find the holder of the mobile number

    How to find free mobile number holder

    If you want find the holder of a free mobile number, I have good news for you: there are many services suitable for this purpose that, in addition to being free, are also easy to use. Read on to learn more.

    Who's calling?

    How to find the holder of the mobile number

    One of the first solutions that I invite you to try is Who's calling?. As its name suggests, it is a site that allows you to understand who called, and it does so thanks to its database fed regularly by the reports of the same users, who promptly report a telephone call from call centers, telemarketers and others " known annoyances ". It works without registration and without sharing your number internally (which other services require, as you will notice later).

    To use it, go to the main page of Who is calling, write the mobile number you would like to find the holder in the text field Search for phone number at the top and click on the button Wheel. If the number is present in the database of the service, as it has already been reported by other people, you will be provided with useful information to understand its origin.

    If you are interested in this, know that the service is also available through the app Should I Answer for Android (also available on devices without Google services) and iPhone, which allows you to identify and block unwanted calls (such as those from call centers). For more information about how it works, I refer you to reading the article on how not to be called by call centers.


    How to find the holder of the mobile number

    Another service that I want to advise you to use to try to locate the holder of an unknown mobile number is Truecaller. This is an online solution which, drawing on a proprietary database consisting of the numbers of users who have consented to the use of the service, allows you to easily identify telephone numbers not saved in the address book.

    Before describing its use, let me underline one important thing: to work, Truecaller requires the sharing of your number within its public database. Given this important privacy "compromise" that must be accepted in order to use it, think carefully before making use of it.

    If you decide to try TrueCaller, the first thing you need to do is to connect to the main page of the service. Then fill in the search field Search a phone number… by entering the mobile number for which you wish to obtain more details and click on the button depicting the icon of magnifying glass.

    If necessary, before starting the search, you can change the reference prefix by clicking on the appropriate menu on the left and selecting the correct option from the drop-down menu that is shown to you.

    Choose whether to log in to the service using the account Google or that one Microsoft by clicking on the relevant button that is proposed to you on the screen and providing your data, then wait a few moments for the page with the search results to be visible. If you are asked to share your address book, do not agree.

    If the numbering you previously entered is present in the Truecaller list, you will be shown a specific card indicating the total number of users who have reported the aforementioned numbering, the membership user and the reference address.

    Truecaller can also be used as an app for Android devices (also available on alternative stores) and iOS. To learn more about it, you can read my guide on how to block a number on Android and how to block a number on iPhone.


    How to find the holder of the mobile number

    Using the aforementioned service to find the cell phone number holder were you unable to "dig a spider out of the hole"? Then try tellows. This is another collaborative online service that allows you to know who a mobile phone number belongs to in a relatively simple way.

    To use it, connect to the main page of the service using the link I provided you a little while ago and enter the number you would like to know more about in the field enter the number, which is located at the top right. To start the search, click on the blue button search.

    If information on the number entered is available, it will be shown on the page that opens.

    Yellow Pages

    How to find the holder of the mobile number

    If the mobile number you want to know the owner of belongs to a business or a freelancer, it is likely that you will be able to find it easily on Yellow Pages, the digital version of the paper book of the same name that we all, at least once, browsed to look for telephone numbers.

    How can you use it? First of all, go to its home page, using the link I gave you a moment ago, make sure the tab is selected telephone number located on the right (otherwise do it yourself), and enter the mobile number you want to know the owner of. Therefore, start the search by clicking on the icon magnifying glass on the right and, if information is available for the number you are looking for, it will be shown on the new page that has opened.

    If this interests you, know that PagineGialle is also available as an app for Android devices (also on alternative stores) and iOS / iPadOS. Its operation is almost identical to that of its Web version.

    Other solutions to find the mobile number holder

    How to find the holder of the mobile number

    Weren't the tools I suggested you use to find a mobile number holder helpful to you? You need to find out who a phone number belongs to international? Receive calls withanonymous and would you like to know by whom they are carried out? No problem, even in this case I can try to give you a hand. Use one or more of the services listed below ... in this way you should finally be able to dispel all your doubts about the mobile number (or anonymous!) From which you receive calls.

    • Google - you can try to find holder mobile number with Google. To do this, just connect to the main page of the famous search engine, type the number you want to know more about and take a look at the various results that are shown to you. Among these you may be able to find the info you need.
    • WhatsApp (Android / iOS / Online / Windows / macOS) - A smart move to locate the holder of a number is to save it and see if it is associated with a WhatsApp account. In this case, if some information is visible to everyone (such as your profile photo), you may understand who is behind the number.
    • Google Phone app (Android) - this Google solution offers a feature that, when connected to the Internet, allows you to get information about caller numbers from its huge proprietary database.
    • Whooming (Android / iOS / iPadOS / Online) - if you want to find out the identity of the one who calls you anonymously from time to time then this service is undoubtedly the best solution to appeal to. This is a service that uses the call forwarding technique to reveal the identity of the caller by disguising their number (but to see the numbers totally in the clear, you need to sign up for a subscription starting from € 12,20 / 3 months). To find out how to use it, read my guide on how to find out the private number.
    How to find the holder of the mobile number

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