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    How to find Windows 8.1 Product Key

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    Trovare Product Key Windows 8.1 con Lazesoft Windows Key Finder

    If you intend to find Windows 8.1 Product Key, I suggest you first resort to using Lazesoft Windows Key Finder. It is a free and open source application to find Windows 8.1 Product Keys but also all other versions of the operating system from Microsoft and Office. The program does not require installations in order to function and also allows you to export and print the codes it finds.

    To find Windows 8.1 product key with Lazesoft Windows Key Finder click here to connect to the official web page of the software and then press the button Free Download Now and wait for the download procedure to be started and completed.

    When the download is complete, double-click on the file WindowsKeyFinder.exe that has just been downloaded and wait for the software window to open. Once the Lazesoft Windows Key Finder window is displayed, the Windows 8.1 product key should be shown on the screen, under the heading Windows 8.1 in the box located on the left side.

    Depending on what your needs are, you can then choose to save the serial in a text file by pressing the button Save or you can print it immediately by simply clicking on Print.

    Trovare Product Key Windows 8.1 con NirSoft ProduKey

    If the software to find Windows 8.1 Product Key that I have already suggested was not to your liking and therefore if you are still looking for a solution that allows you to view the serial of the operating system, I invite you to try NirSoft ProduKey. It is one of the most famous programs belonging to this genre that allows you to find Windows 8.1 Product Key but also the serial of other Windows operating systems and Office family products. Note that the program does not allow you to view the desired information if you are using Microsoft Volume Licensing.

    To find Windows 8.1 Product Key with NirSoft ProduKey the first thing you need to do is to click here so that you can immediately connect to the official website of the software. Then scroll down to the bottom of the web page that is shown to you and then click on the link Download ProduKey (In Zip file). Then wait a few moments so that the download of the package in ZIP format containing the program is first started and then completed, then open the file, extract the contents into any folder and run the executable ProduKey.exe.

    Wait for the opening of the program window and once displayed on the desktop you will find the Windows 8.1 Product Key next to the item Windows 8.1 at the column Product Key.

    Now that you have managed to find Windows 8.1 Product Key to be able to save it as a text file, select it with the key combination Ctrl+A and then click on the floppy disk icon located at the top left. If instead of saving the Product Key you want to copy it to the Windows clipboard, click on it with the right mouse button and then select the item Copy Product Key from the menu that is shown to you. Then paste the serial obtained, using the combination of keys CTRL+V, where you think it is more appropriate.

    Trovare Product Key Windows 8.1 con Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

    One other great tool thanks to which you can find Windows 8.1 Product Key is without a shadow of a doubt Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder. It is a free program that works by recovering the operating system serial directly from the Windows system registry. Its use is extremely simple and possibly it is also available in a paid version including some extra features. In order to be used, the program requires a quick installation.

    To find Windows 8.1 Product Key with Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder you must first download the software on the computer you intend to act on. To do this click here so that you can immediately connect to the main web page of Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder and then press the button Download that you find placed next to the item Installer v2.0.10.10 (1.1 Mb) and wait for the program to be downloaded to your computer.

    When the download is complete, double-click on the file KeyFinderInstaller.exe, then press on Si and subsequently on Next. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the agreement and then click the button again Next three times in a row. Now click on the box next to the item Custom Installation (Advanced) remove the two tick marks from the boxes below in order to avoid the installation of additional and unwanted programs on your computer and then click on Next. Finally, he first presses on install and then on the button Finish.

    When installation is complete, start the program, select the item Windows 8.1 from the left column of the window of the same and in the right part you will find the serial number indicated next to the item CD Key:.

    If you wish, you can save the indicated data in a text file or you can print it by pressing on the item Fillet attached to the program window and then clicking, respectively, on Save As or on Print….

    Find serial number

    If instead of finding Windows 8.1 Product Key you are interested in finding out the serial number you can act directly from your computer without resorting to the use of extra resources or "witchcraft" of various kinds. Just access the appropriate section of Control Panel.

    Please note: In case you were wondering the Windows serial number is a number that is generated after the operating system has been successfully installed. Serial numbers are used by Microsoft Product Support Services to identify the product when customers turn to Microsoft for support. The serial number therefore differs from the Product Key because the Product Key represents a unique combination of numbers and letters that is used during the installation of Microsoft software to “unlock” or open the product.

    In order to find the serial number of Windows 8.1 the first thing you need to do is then to press the button Home attached to the operating system taskbar, type control panel in the search field located at the top right of the Start screen and then press on the first result that is shown to you.

    In the window that will open at this point, click on System and security, then presses on the voice System and scroll the screen that at this point is shown to you until you find the section Windows activation.

    Now locate the voice Serial number: and take note of the set of numbers and letters shown next to you… that's the Windows 8.1 serial number!

    Unfortunately the copy and paste function is disabled for this section of Windows but you can still pin the serial number of the operating system on a post-it or you can type it "by hand" creating a new text file on Windows 8.1. Then remember to keep the data obtained with extreme care.


    How to find Windows 8.1 Product Key

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