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    How to find Windows PC IP address

    How to find the local IP address of a Windows PC

    If you want find the local IP address of a Windows PC (the one that identifies the computer within the local network), continue reading: in the next paragraphs, in fact, I will explain in detail how to identify this information through the tools made available by the Microsoft operating system.

    Command Prompt / Windows PowerShell

    Il Command Prompt is a Windows tool that you can use in any version of this operating system. Its purpose is to receive command lines typed by the user to perform operations, often not accessible through "graphical" tools. Generally, it is used to solve problems that occur in the Microsoft operating system or to perform advanced operations.

    Windows PowerShellinstead, it is a tool, available starting from Windows 8.1, very similar at the Command Prompt, but which allows you to perform even more advanced operations, via command lines. In order to achieve your intent, you can use one of the two tools indiscriminately.

    To launch these tools interface, click button Home Windows (the flag icon located in the lower left corner of the screen), search for the terms "Command Prompt"Or"windows powershell”In the menu that opens and click on the first search result.

    After launching one of the two tools just mentioned, type the command ipconfig followed by pressing the key Submit. Among the results that are shown on the screen, identify the network card you are connected to (usually Ethernet o Wi-Fi), to find the local IP address next to the wording IPv4 address.

    Windows 10 Network Settings

    Su Windows 10, it is also possible to act directly from Network settings. To do this, click on theicon ^ located at the bottom right of the taskbar, next to the Windows clock. In the box you see, click themonitor icon or the Wi-Fi and, in the new screen that is shown to you, click on the name of the network you are connected to.

    By doing so, you will be shown the panel of Network settings Windows 10. Then press again on the name of the network you are connected to and scroll down the screen until you find the section Property related to network connection. Among the information that you will see, you will also find the local IP address of the computer, next to the wording IPv4 address.

    Modem / router

    Another solution that I want to recommend to view the local IP address of the computer is the one that requires access to the configuration panel of the modem / router in use. First, however, you need to identify the computer name, in order to identify it in the list of devices connected to the local network.

    To do this, start the Control Panel Windows by pressing the button Home, typing the terms "control panel”In the search bar at the bottom left and selecting the first search result. At this point, press on the items System and security > System and locate the name of the PC, which you can find next to the wording Computer name.

    Once this is done, it's time to access the modem / router configuration panel. To do this, open your favorite browser and type, in the address bar, the IP of the router, which usually is, or

    In general, I recommend that you search the Internet to find out the default gateway of the router you have or check this information directly on the user manual or on the label applied to the router. Alternatively, follow the procedure I indicated in this chapter and locate the IP of the router next to the wording Default gateway.

    After logging in to the configuration panel, which usually first requires you to enter login credentials that are provided by the ISP or vendor (generally, the default combinations are admin / admin admin / password.), you will need to access the list of connected devices.

    Unfortunately there is no single procedure for all modems / routers. On my router, a Technicolor TG1100, for example, you have to reach the sections Home network > devices, in the side menu. Then you need to locate the computer name in the list and display the corresponding local address, in the column with theIP address.

    find the public IP address of a Windows PC

    find the public IP address through which all the devices connected to your network are recognized on the Internet, such as a Windows PC, you can rely on the various Web services used for this purpose. An example are Whats Is My Ip Address or WhatIsMyIP, but there are several, which you can search for by typing the terms "my ip”In the Google bar or any other search engine.

    After you reach one of these web services, you will be shown the public IP address and the possible geographic location from which you are connecting. The ISP will also be indicated, i.e. the provider you are subscribed to for the use of network services.

    For example, via Whats Is My Ip Address, you will be shown the IP address next to the wording IPv4 o IPv6, based on the protocol used by your provider. Also, by pressing on the key Show me more about my IP, you will be given additional information, such as if the IP address is static o dynamic

    How to find Windows PC IP address

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