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    How to fix the black screen on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    If you have a Samsung smartphone, you might have already encountered the black screen issue. The latter lights up but the screen remains black. Wondershare's Dr.Fone software solves this annoyance that makes your Samsung Galaxy unusable. We explain how it works and the steps to follow.

    Why does the screen go black?

    The reasons are multiple and can either be due to a material problem due to the wear and tear of your smartphone or to physical damage (fall, shocks, etc.). When it is not a hardware problem, the concern then comes from a software failure. Regardless, it is very frustrating to have a smartphone that you can no longer use. For that, Dr.Fone from Wondershare allows you to fix it in just a few clicks without having to call a professional.

    How to fix black screen on Samsung Galaxy

    There are many tools to fix the black screen problem on a Samsung smartphone. One of the most efficient methods is to download and install the Dr.Fone software from Wondershare which offers a “Repair” feature. With just few steps, and few clicks, with no special knowledge required, you can easily and quickly fix black screen issue. Here is the procedure to follow:

    1. Download and install dr.fone for Android on your computer

    Click here to download dr.fone for Windows

    Click here to download dr.fone for iOS (Mac)

    2. Once the program is installed, launch it and click “Repair”. you will then see the following window appear:

    3. Then choose the brand and model of your smartphone, the country / region and the information relating to your network operator. Then confirm by clicking on “Next”.

    4. Start your Samsung Galaxy smartphone in “Download” mode by following the steps displayed on the screen

    5. Then download the firmware of your device by clicking on “Next”

    6. Once downloaded, the software starts repairing your Android device automatically.

    As easy as that! Note that this software is compatible with more than 1000 Android models. The latest Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e are also supported. The software is available both for computers running Windows and for machines running iOS (Mac).

    La premium license valid for one year software is available for Android devices (1 - 5 mobile devices on 1 PC) at € 39.99 and € 59.99 for iOS devices. The lifetime license is much more profitable since it costs whatever the chosen system (Android or iOS) 69.99 €.

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