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    How to flirt with a girl on WhatsApp

    Add a girl on WhatsApp

    Before I give you any advice on how to flirt with a girl on WhatsApp, I want to explain how to add a contact on WhatsApp, making use of the well-known instant messaging app, which can be downloaded for free from the Android Play Store and the iPhone App Store.

    To proceed, start the app by pressing on his icon in the shape of a green speech bubble on a white background that you find located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device. Once this is done, if you use Android, pigia sull 'fumetto icon located in the lower right corner (in the screen Chat app), to add a new contact. Now choose where to save the contact: you will automatically find the option selected Save to Google but, by tapping on the wording in question, you can customize the setting by choosing, for example, to save the contact only on the SIM (Save to SIM only).

    Then, fill in the contact card that is shown to you by typing the name e last name, your mobile number and possibly also other additional information, such as birthday. Finally, to confirm the addition of the contact on WhatsApp (and in the address book of your device), press on√ icon located in the upper right corner.

    If you are acting from iPhone, instead, first tap on thepencil icon located at the top right of the screen Chat of the app, then presses on the item New contact and fill out the form relating to the addition of the new contact, indicating all the information requested: the name, last name, telephone number and eventually, if you wish, also add other additional information, such as theemail address.

    At the end of the customization, tap the button Save, located in the upper right corner. Then you will be shown the contact's WhatsApp card, in which you will also be shown the profile image of the added user; to conclude the procedure, click on the button Done.

    The number you entered will be added and, consequently, the contact card will also be created in the app Contacts, that is the default of your Android device or your iPhone. In case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial where I explain how to add a contact on WhatsApp.

    Chat with a girl on WhatsApp

    After adding a girl on WhatsApp it is time to chat with her, in order to "break the ice". To do this, find his name on the screen Chat and tap on it, in order to open the chat screen dedicated to her.

    Once this is done, refer to the text field located at the bottom, to type the text of the message, and press onicon della arrow, to send it. In addition, you can also send GIFs and stickers.

    Furthermore, you must know that, through WhatsApp it is also possible to send voice messages (microphone icon), as well as video calls (the video camera icon) and voice calls (the handset icon) also available free of charge, via the Internet.

    Furthermore, as regards instant messaging, the app allows you to send multimedia elements, such as photos and videos taken or recorded on the spot (the camera icon), as well as those present in the Gallery default of your device, accessible by pressing onpaperclip icon on Android andicon (+) your iPhone.

    Other features that may be useful to you concern the ability to share yours via the WhatsApp chat position, for an document or contact.

    In this regard, in case of doubts or problems, or for more information about it, refer to my tutorial in which I explain how WhatsApp works.

    Tips on how to flirt with a girl on WhatsApp

    Have you read carefully all the information I have given you in this tutorial of mine and, after you have learned how WhatsApp works as regards the possibilities of chat with other users, would you like some suggestions to be able to conquer the girl you like? In this case, read the next lines of this tutorial of mine: I want to give you some general advice, which could be for you.

    • Be polite and polite: if you want to establish a relationship of friendship with a girl, with the hope that it will turn into a deeper relationship, the first step you must take to conquer her is certainly to be kind and polite. Good manners and manners are certainly the foundation of any relationship.
    • Don't make grammar mistakes: if you are trying to conquer a girl, try to pay special attention to grammar and spelling; otherwise a mistake of this kind could "cost you" dearly, especially if the girl in question is quite careful about the form of the messages you write her.
    • Don't use SMS languages: on WhatsApp there are no limits on the characters to be used for sending a message. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings, do not use abbreviations or SMS languages ​​and write your messages in clear and natural language.
    • Be original and don't give compliments trivial: do you think that the girl you met often receives attention from others and, therefore, you don't know how to filter with her in the right way? If so, this is an extra incentive to set the imagination in motion. Be original in the messages you send her and avoid using clichés or compliments that are too simple and banal.
    • Don't be too direct: Filtering on a girl doesn't mean you have to tell her your feelings right away. Instead, try to get around the subject, making her understand your interest indirectly. If not, you may get the opposite reaction to what you want.
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