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    How to have a white heart on WhatsApp

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    From OnlyWhatsApps, we show you How to Have a White Heart Emoji/Symbol/Emoticon to represent a Feeling like Love through WhatsApp. Sometimes we think that all the Emoticons appear in the Keyboard of our application, but in reality it is not so. Technology today advances but not as fast as we do.

    Emoticon/Emoji/Symbol/Transparent heart icon/without background for WhatsApp.

    How to have a white heart emoji on WhatsApp

    Before explaining you how to have a white heart on whatsapp, I must assure you that sharing this emoji in the chats of the famous messaging app is very simple: in fact, you just have to call the Tastiera, activate the emoji screen and select the white heart.

    For more details on how to proceed, continue reading the following chapters of this guide of mine: I'll show you in detail all the procedures to be implemented to do so (including the eventual activation of the emoji keyboard) on all platforms on which WhatsApp is available.


    If you have an Android smartphone the first thing to do is to start WhatsApp, pressing on its icon located on the home screen and / or in the drawer of your device. Then locate, through the Chat section, the conversation of your interest and press on it to view it.

    Now, pressemoticon icon located in correspondence of the text field, at the bottom, to open the WhatsApp emoji panel. Once this is done, click on symbol !? # symbol and, in the menu that is displayed, pressemojiwhite heart, to select it.

    Alternatively, you can open the Android emoji panel by tapping first on the text field write a message and then onemoticon icon located in the lower left corner.

    Once done, use the text field Search emojis (ormagnifying glass icon) to search for thewhite heart icon, typing the term in question, or press the icon !? # icon, to open the symbolspanel andpressemojiwhite heart.

    Finally, in all the above cases, to send the message on WhatsApp, press the iconwith arrow symbol.


    To send elemojiwhite heart your WhatsApp for iPhone, you must first have enabled the emoji keyboard di iOS through the menu Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboard> Keyboards.

    If you do not see the emoji entry in the menu in question, click on the Add New Keyboard button and then on the emoji voice, to add the keyboard in question to your iPhone.

    At this point, start WhatsApp and, through the Chat section, locate and tap the conversation of interest. Now, press on the text field located at the bottom, to open the iOS keyboard and then pressemoticon icon located in the lower left corner, to open the Emoji Keyboard.

    Once done, use the search engine Search emojis to search for theemojiwhite heart, typing the term in question, or locate its icon through the Symbols panel (the &% icon).

    After tappingenemoji white heart, to enter it in the text, press thearrow icon, to send the message in the WhatsApp chat. Easy, right?


    To sendwhite heart enemojion WhatsApp from PC, you can use the WhatsApp desktop client or WhatsApp Web. After linking it with the smartphone application, locate the chat of your interest and click on it in the left sidebar.

    Now, pressesemoticon icon located in correspondence with the text field write a message and then use the search engine Search emojis, to search for theemojiwhite heart or identify it in the panel with the [#] symbol. Once this is done, clickenemoji white heart, to insert it in the text.

    Alternatively, you can use the Windows emoji panel or MacOS character viewer and select the white heart from there. To open the emoji panel in Windows 10, press the key combination Win + (.) (period): thewhite heart emoji is located in correspondence with the section with the heart symbol.

    Your MacOSinstead, you can open the character viewer using the key combination ctrl + cmd + spacebar or by pressing on the items Edit> Emojis and symbols located in the Finder bar that you see at the top. L'emoji white heart is located in the Bullets and stars section in the menu on the left side: double click on it to insert it in the message text.

    Finally, to send the message to WhatsApp to the recipient of the conversation, tap thearrow icon, located in the lower right corner of the instant messaging service.

    How to put the emoji heart symbol on WhatsApp

    With to make the heart empty in WhatsApp, instead, you must use one of the many web services that have collections of emojis, to copy and paste the symbol in question in the WhatsApp chat on your device.

    In this regard, I recommend you use the website PiliApp: then log in and presses eliconoempty heart. Then tap the button with the symbol of the two leaves, to copy it.

    At this point, start WhatsApp on your device and go to the chat of your interest. Once this is done, press on the text field dedicated to sending a message and paste, in the latter, theempty heart icon. In case you encounter any problems while performing the procedure in question, please refer to my guide on how to copy and paste from a cell phone.

    Finally, to send the message in the WhatsApp chat, press thearrow icon in the lower right corner.

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