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How to install WhatsApp on your smartwatch

Preliminary information

Before explaining, in practice, how to install WhatsApp on smartwatches, I think it is appropriate to clarify a fundamental aspect of the matter: in the current state of things, there is no official version of WhatsApp designed specifically for smartwatches, therefore the only reliable way to view the messages received in the app (and reply to them) is to pair the watch with the phone on which WhatsApp is installed and activate the replication of system notifications.

So if you care understand how to install WhatsApp on Huawei smartwatch or on other watches equipped with Wear OS, know that you must enable the reception of notifications from the messaging app, so that you can then read them comfortably on the watch display.

Also the question "How to install WhatsApp on Samsung smartwatches? " find a fairly similar answer: Tizen, the operating system on board Samsung-branded smart watches, also does not have an official app for WhatsApp. Therefore, even in this case, the replication of notifications must be activated when configuring the smartwatch.

Finally, if you are wondering how to install WhatsApp on Willful smartwatchhow to install whatsapp on chinese smartwatch Android from any other brand, the answer is a bit different: since these devices are equipped with a pure version of Android, you can generally use the Play Store to download the WhatsApp app, just like you would on Android. .

However, I strongly advise you not to opt for this option, as the WhatsApp app is not optimized to work on such small displays and on devices of this type, therefore it could assume unexpected behaviors.

If you own an Apple-branded smartwatch, that's a Apple Watch, then know that things are a little different: although there is currently no official version of the app available, it is possible to use a third-party application that simulates, in some way, the behavior of WhatsApp Web.

The theme of this guide will be to explain, mainly, how to read and reply to WhatsApp messages on smartwatches equipped with Wear OS, the Android variant dedicated to wearables, and on Apple Watch. In any case, the steps illustrated can be easily replicated on other categories of smartwatches (e.g. those of the line Gear di Samsung).

How to install WhatsApp on Android smartwatch

Although Wear OS allows you to install a large number of apps through the Play Store, as I have already explained to you in the opening bars of this guide, WhatsApp does not currently provide this possibility: to date, there is no client dedicated to the Android variant for wearable devices; however, it is sufficient to pair the smartwatch with the phone in one's possession (on which the WhatsApp app must have been previously configured) to view the notifications received, together with the content of the messages.

If you have not yet paired the phone and smartwatch, do this: to begin with, turn on the smartwatch and wait for it to be ready to receive incoming connections. Afterwards, pick up your phone, download the app Wear OS by Google from the Play Store or the App Store and, once the download is complete, start it.

Fatto ciò, tocca il pulsating Start configuration to start setting up the smartwatch (which must be within the detection range of the smartphone), tap the button Accept to accept the conditions of use of the service and choose whether to send statistical data on the use of the watch to Google, by touching the button Accept, or whether to avoid doing so, by tapping the button instead No thanks. If necessary, reply affirmatively to the warning window that appears later, in order to activate the Bluetooth on the phone.

After this step, wait a few moments for the smartwatch to be detected by the phone, tap his name and, when requested, verify that the code that appears on the phone screen is the same as the one displayed on the watch display: if so, put a check mark on the box that appears on the smartphone and touch the button Pair, to authorize the connection between the watch and the phone.

We are almost there: the last step is to "transfer" the Google account configured in the phone (or an existing Google account, if you are using an iPhone and have never used the "Big G" services before) : to proceed, go back to the configuration screen on the smartphone, choose the Google profile to transfer (or log in with the account of your interest), tap the buttons NEXTCopy and, when prompted, enter the Password of the account you are working on.

Once this is done, you just have to authorize Wear OS to access the phone's functions: to do this, press the button several times Allow attached to the warning screens that are proposed to you. For more information on the steps to follow to connect the Android smartwatch to the mobile phone, please also consult the specific guide I have dedicated to the topic.

Once the connection is established, WhatsApp notifications and messages should automatically appear on the smartwatch screen, immediately after receiving them on the phone. For this to happen, however, WhatsApp notifications must be enabled on the smartphone. To verify this, follow these steps.

  • Android - go to Settings> Apps and notifications> Show all apps, select the item for WhatsApp and verify that, in correspondence with the item Notifications, if present the dicitura ON. If not, tap on the option just mentioned and move to ON all levers indicating the wording Show Notification.
  • iOS - go to Settings> Notifications> WhatsApp and make sure that the lever corresponds to the wording Consenti notified is set to ON, otherwise you do it.

On some smartwatches, it is possible to reply directly to received messages, using voice dictation (the microphone) or the typing tools included in the watch which, however, could be quite uncomfortable to use, especially for those with particularly thick fingers.

How to install WhatsApp on smartband

If you don't own a smartwatch but a smart bracelet with notification support, you can also configure it to view notifications and messages received via WhatsApp in real time. In this tutorial I will refer to the Mi Band 4 by Xiaomi, however, the steps can also be easily replicated on other devices of this type.

So, after establishing the connection between the bracelet and the phone via the Mi Fit app for Android or iOS (I explained how to do it in this tutorial), start the latter, tap on the tab Profile and select il name of the bracelet associated with the phone (eg. Mi Smart Band 4).

Once this is done, touch the voice App notificationssposta su ON the corresponding levetta alla voce App notifications and tap the button Manage applications, which is at the bottom. Finally, wait for the list of applications on your smartphone to appear on the screen and put the check mark next to WhatsApp. On Android, no further configuration is required.

On the iPhone, however, you have to activate the sharing of system notifications, otherwise you will not be able to see any warning: to do this, you have to touch the buttons MatchAllow that appear on the screen after activating the notification option.

Alternatively, you can get the same result by going to the menu Settings> Bluetooth of iOS and, after touching the button (I) corresponding to the name of the Mi Band, select the item I notified you of the system placed in the screen that opens immediately after.

How to install WhatsApp on Apple Watch

 Apple Watch things are slightly different: currently, there is no WhatsApp app dedicated to the Apple smart watch. For this reason, the "official" method to consult WhatsApp from the smartwatch is to activate the replication of notifications on the watch. However, there is also a third-party app, called WhatcChat 2 for WhatsApp which allows you to install a client for WhatsApp Web directly on Apple Watch.

In any case, regardless of the method you intend to use, it is essential that the WhatsApp app has been previously configured on the iPhone and, above all, that the Apple Watch has been previously paired with the phone.

If you have not yet done so, bring the watch that is on to the "iPhone by" and wait for the message to appear on the phone display To set up this Apple Watch, use iPhone.

When this happens, tap the button Continue placed on the iPhone and frame the animation that appears on the clock face through the phone's camera. If this fails, tap the item Pair Apple Watch manually and select yours name from the screen that is proposed to you.

Once the connection is established, choose if set up your Apple Watch as a new device or whether to restore data from a previous backup, specify the wrist on which you prefer to wear the watch, accepts the conditions of use of the service and follow the instructions proposed to you to complete the clock configuration: indicate whether or not to activate the monitoring of itineraries and sharing of usage statistics with Apple, create an unlock code to use for Apple Watch, configure Apple Pay (which you can postpone by touching the item Set up later on the Apple Watch) and finally indicates whether install all apps present on iPhone also on Apple Watch.

If you need an extra hand during the pairing phase between Apple Watch and iPhone, please consult my guide to the operation of Apple Watch, in which I was able to explain everything in detail.

After completing the configuration of the Apple Watch, you can configure it for the use of WhatsApp in the way you deem appropriate.

Classic method

Once you have configured the WhatsApp app on the iPhone and connected the latter to the Apple Watch, you must make sure that the duplication of notifications is active. To do this, open the app Watch on iOS, tap the item Notifications, access the section Duplicate iPhone alerts attached to the screen that opens and, if necessary, move up ON the levetta relating to WhatsApp.

The game is done: starting from this moment, you will receive WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch and you can respond to them by touching the button Reply that appears on the watch screen.

If needed, you can choose to respond with one of the predefined answers set on Apple Watch (e.g. Arrival!Hi how are you?) or whether to create a customized response on the fly, using the icons located at the top: the microphone to activate the voice dictation of the text, the glove to type it letter by letter on the phone screen, or the smiling faccia to insert an emoji.

Note: To change the default responses available on Apple Watch, launch the app Watch on iOS, access the section Messages> Default replies, sfiora il pulsating Modification site at the top right and make the changes you deem appropriate. To add new custom responses, tap the button Add reply at the bottom of the screen.

WatchChat 2

As I mentioned earlier, WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp is an unofficial iPhone application that allows you to have a client for WhatsApp Web on Apple Watch in no time.

After installing the app, which costs € 3,49, you need to configure WhatsApp on the watch, using the iPhone, exactly as you would for WhatsApp Web: within a few seconds, you have access to a compact version of WhatsApp available from the watch.

Although it is currently working, WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp is not an official solution: this means that, at any time, it could stop working temporarily or permanently due to any changes implemented by WhatsApp on its web platform. Please keep this aspect in mind before to proceed with the purchase.

However, if you are interested in doing so, download and install the aforementioned app on your iPhone and make sure the app for Apple Watch is also downloaded. To do this, launch the app Watch iOS, go to Generali and, if necessary, move the lever Automatic app installation su ON.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to activate the automatic installation of all iPhone apps on Apple Watch as well, but you want to limit yourself to installing only WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp, start the app Watch of iOS, scroll the screen until you find WatchChat, tap its name and move up ON the relative levetta all'opzione Show apps on Apple Watch.

Once installation is complete, access the Watch app Dock by pressing the digital Crown side and start WatchChat 2 for WhatsApp, selecting its icon from the menu that opens. If everything went well, you should see a QR code to scan with the iPhone.

When this happens, grab the latter, open the app of WhatsApp and go to the card Settings, which is located at the bottom right. Now, go on WhatsApp Web / Desktop, select the voice Scan the QR code and scan the watch code with the iPhone camera.

After a few moments, the list of active WhatsApp chats should appear on the watch display: to reply to a message, all you have to do is select it, then press the icon of the left arrow and choose whether to use the quick answers by WatchChat, la voice dictation  Handwriting or emoji.

To change the app's default replies list, launch the app on your iPhone, tap the tab Quick options which is at the bottom and tap on the item Modification to make the necessary changes. Finally, touch the voice Synchronize to send the changes to Apple Watch as well.

For the rest, there is not much more to say: by starting the app and performing a deep tap on the watch screen, you can access the contact list, to the screen of creating a new chat, to the option for update the chat list and / or the conversations and the option for re-initialize the app. For further information, I refer you to reading my tutorial on how to put WhatsApp on Apple Watch.

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