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    How to make a free online backup

    Do you want to make a free online backup of your data? Here's how to use Dropbox.

    Il backup it is definitely the best prevention to avoid data loss. In recent years there have been many viruses capable of taking information and documents hostage on the hard disk, encrypting them with sophisticated keys and demanding a ransom (ransomware).

    Numerous files have been lost, including images, Word, Excel, Power Point, TXT, PDF files. All this could have been avoided with a proper backup of the information.


    What is a backup and how to do it?

    Backup is none other than one copy of documents on your computer. If you have very important files that you absolutely do not want to lose, it is essential to make a copy to save in a safe place. To make a free data backup, you can save all files on an external hard drive completely isolated from the PC. However, in many cases it may be more convenient to make an online copy of the documents, thanks to a backup cloud.

    In this case you can use free services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, both valid alternatives. In this article we see how to use dropbox, which guarantees a very simple and immediate interface, with excellent integration on the PC.

    The first thing to do is connect to the official Dropbox website. From the home screen, you can immediately create an account. Just enter your name, email address and a password. After registering, you have immediate access to your cloud space from 2 GB.

    To increase the space for free, you can perform some operations. After logging in, you can link to this page to see how to get more MB or GB for your account. The easiest way is to share your personal Dropbox signup link with friends. In this case, a few MB are earned for each new subscriber.

    Alternatively, you can upgrade to the paid version to store much more data. The convenience of this online backup service is the application for PC, which can be downloaded for free from the official website.

    After installing the software, Dropbox comes integrated completely into the system. A new folder appears on the desktop. Each file that is dragged or created into it automatically syncs with Dropbox online. This means that every time you make a change to the files inside the folder, all the changes and new additions are synchronize immediately also on Dropbox online.

    The advantage you get is an updated file on the cloud, without the need to transfer and copy it every time you make changes. Also if you run into problems and want to restore a previous version of the file, you can do it directly from the Dropbox panel. In fact, the service retains all the changes made in the last 30 days. This way if the file has been compromised, you can revert to an older version that is still fully functional.

    Il backup online di Dropbox it can be used on any device, even mobile. In fact, from the official Apple and Android stores you can download the application, to always have the data at hand.


    Making free online backups: conclusions

    To make a backup there are several alternatives, dropbox is among the best known, thanks to a very simple and quick to use interface. To save documents and files online through a cloud system, this system is certainly a valid choice.

    If you have a business or business, you will definitely need one more professional solution that adapts to the needs of the company. In that case you can use the cloud service from your called country Babylon Cloud, which offers very advantageous plans for business backups. You can find out all the information you need on this page.

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