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How to make stickers on Whatsapp iPhone

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How to create stickers on WhatsApp iPhone

So let's see how to make stickers on WhatsApp for iPhone using one of the two available procedures: the official one, which consists of creating an app in which to attach your own package of personalized stickers (creating the stickers wherever you want, even on a PC), or using applications for iOS that allow you to create stickers "on the fly", from the phone and save them locally and then eventually distribute them to other iPhones with the same app installed.

Standard procedure

As I mentioned in the introduction to the guide, the standard procedure that allows create stickers on Whatsapp for iPhone, consists of creating a pack of stickers, attaching it to an application for iOS and publishing it on the App Store (on the Android side, of course, you have to do the same thing, publishing the app on the Play Store). Once the app containing the stickers has been published, any user who downloads it will be able to send the stickers contained within it via WhatsApp.

The first operation you need to do, therefore, is to prepare the images you want to turn into stickers for WhatsApp. Before explaining how to do this, know that the image to be used for this purpose must have it transparent background (so I recommend that you use a suitable format, such as PNG), must have a resolution equal to 512 512 pixels x and have one size less than 100 kB.

For practical reasons, I suggest you edit the images to be used as an adhesive by acting as a computer, perhaps using a program such as GIMP, which is free, open source, and is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Alternatively, you could also contact an online service such as, which does everything automatically and works directly from the browser. However, due to the fact that it is completely automatic, it does not offer the freedom of action that programs like GIMP offer, so my advice is to "get your hands dirty" with software of this kind or, perhaps, use the two solutions. together: to crop the source image and GIMP to resize it and fix any details.

That said, if you haven't downloaded GIMP to your computer yet, fix it right now by following the directions I gave you in my tutorial dedicated to the topic.

Once GIMP is installed and started, open the menu Fillet collocato in alto a sinistra and selects the voice New from the latter, to start creating a new image. In the window that opens, write 512 In fields Width e Height and click on the button OK.

Next, use the various tools available in GIMP to create the sticker design to add to WhatsApp and then click on the items File> Export As (top left) to save the file in PNG. More info here.

Alternatively, if you have already cropped the image with or in any case you want to create a sticker starting from an already existing image, import the latter into GIMP using the menu File> Open (top left) or by dragging it to the main program window.

Then select the item Image scale from the menu Image and, in the window that opens, write 512 in the text fields Width e Height. Once this is done, click on the button Ladder, to apply the changes. More info here.

At this point, to set the transparency of the background, click on the item Subscription, select the items Transparency> Add Alpha Layer from the menu that opens, select it freehand tool (the symbol of rope) from the toolbar located on the left and select the subject you are interested in cropping.

Then click on the rectangular marquee tool (the symbol of square) in the toolbar on the left, click on the items Selection> Invert and delete the selected portion of the image by pressing the keys simultaneously Ctrl + x (on Windows) e cmd + x (your macOS).

Finally, click on the items Select e Nothing and exports the image in the format PNG. If you want more information on how to cut an image and how to make the background of an image transparent, please consult the insights that I have linked to you.

Once you have created the stickers to add to your sticker pack, you need to create an app that respects the guidelines of the Apple App Store and publish it on the latter. To do this, you must have a Apple developer account (at a cost of $ 99 per year).

If you want more information on how to create an app and how to publish it on the App Store, please consult the insights that I have linked to you where I have provided you with general explanations on how to do this. I also invite you to read this page on the WhatsApp website, which contains other instructions that may be useful to you.

App to create stickers on WhatsApp iPhone

If you don't want to create an iOS app, you can use some app to create stickers on WhatsApp directly on iPhone, which allow you to create a pack of stickers to be installed locally and added to the famous instant messaging service. The packages are, as mentioned, saved locally, but if your friends install the same app, it is possible to transfer the package of stickers created and have them installed too (who can then use it in WhatsApp). Interesting, right?

One of the best solutions suitable for this purpose is Top Stickers Sticker Meme, which allows you to add stickers already present in the app to WhatsApp or to create customized ones. The app is free, but has banner ads that can be removed by purchasing its full version, which costs € 2,29 and allows you to add up to 30 stickers for each package.

After installing and starting Top Stickers Meme Sticker, tap the button (+) New package bottom place, give a name to the sticker pack by writing it in the appropriate text field located at the top, press the button (+) Add a photo and select a photo from the Gallery.

In the screen that opens, tap the button depicting the rubber and remove the background from the subject of your photo by swiping your finger on the background: try to be as precise as possible, so as to obtain an optimal result (alternatively you can create the stickers on the PC, as explained above and transfer them to the iPhone). When finished, press the button (✓) to save the changes made. If the preview of the sticker satisfies you, tap on the item end located at the top right, possibly cut the sticker using the editor that appears on the screen and press the button again  (✓).

To add other stickers to the package (you must enter at least 3 to send it on WhatsApp), you have to tap the button again (+) Add a photo and repeat the operations I have just described to you. Once you're ready to do it, save the custom sticker pack by tapping on the item Save (top right), by selecting the item Send stickers, by pressing on the wording Send to WhatsApp and confirming the operation, through the voice Save.

How to add stickers on WhatsApp iPhone

Once you have made the sticker pack using one of the procedures indicated in the previous lines, all you have to do is add stickers on WhatsApp according to the indication that this is per darti.

If you have published on App Store your app containing a pack of stickers, start it by tapping on the icon with the "A" bianca his azzurro background, award-winning Search placed in the lower right corner of the screen and write in the search bar located at the top of the screen the app name that you have published on the iOS store. Once you are on the application download screen, download it by tapping the button Get and, if necessary, confirm the operation via Face ID, touch ID or code of your Apple ID.

After installing and starting the app containing your sticker pack, go to the section where you included the stickers. After pressing on the pacchetto name of your interest, select the option relating to adding stickers on the famous messaging app (eg. Send to WhatsApp, Import to WhatsApp, Add to WhatsApp, etc.) and, once the WhatsApp app opens automatically, confirm the import of the stickers in it by tapping the blue button Save that appears at the bottom of the screen.

The same applies if you have downloaded a third-party app: after installing it on your "iPhone by" and creating the package of personalized stickers, you must follow the procedure I have just shown you to add the stickers on WhatsApp.

How to send stickers on WhatsApp iPhone

Now finally comes the "beauty": send the stickers created on WhatsApp. To do this, first start WhatsApp on your iPhone (if you haven't done so yet) and, after adding the stickers to the app following the instructions I gave you in the previous chapter, go to the section Chat by pressing on the relevant item located at the bottom right.

Then select the conversation you are interested in or start a new one by tapping on the symbol pencil with paper located at the top right and choosing the name of your interest from the next screen. Then tap on typing bar placed at the bottom, so as to recall the iOS keyboard, press the sticker icon located on the right side of the typing bar itself and tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the top right of the pane that has opened.

At this point, select the tab My stickers and make sure your stickers have actually been added to WhatsApp. Then, go back to the main chat screen, tap on the button depicting thesticker always located in the typing bar located at the bottom and, after selecting the collection of stickers you want to use, scroll through the list of stickers by swiping down and tap on the one you are interested in.

If you wish, you can browse the various stickers by category: just tap on the icon little heart located at the top of the box containing the stickers and, in the menu that opens, select the smiley corresponding to the type of emotion that interests you. By pressing on theclock located at the top left of the box, however, you will be able to view the stickers used recently. In case you want to add a sticker to your favorites, instead, keep your finger pressed on the one you are interested in and select the option Add to favourites from the menu that appears on the screen.

If you want to remove a sticker package added to WhatsApp, know that you can do it simply by tapping on thesticker located on the right of the typing bar of the app (at the bottom of the chat screen), by pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead located in the upper right corner of the pane that opened by selecting the tab My stickers, by tapping on the collection of stickers you want to delete and by tapping the red button Delete, placed at the bottom.

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