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    How to pay for WhatsApp with Vodafone

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    Are you trying to renew your WhatsApp subscription using your phone credit but are unable to complete the operation? Tell me, what is your telephone operator? Vodafone? So I'm sorry but you are not having problems with the payment ...

    Vodafone has offered the possibility to pay for apps and services through the SIM credit for some time, but this option is currently disabled. The “activate Vodafone invoicing” function which previously allowed pay WhatsApp with Vodafone is no longer available, so if you want to renew your subscription to WhatsApp you have to resign yourself and use one of the traditional payment methods: credit card, prepaid card (eg PostePay) or PayPal.

    If you need help, below you will find explained step by step how to renew your WhatsApp subscription for one, three or five years using all the payment methods currently available for Vodafone customers. The indications are valid for iOS, Windows Phone and Android, where among other things there is the possibility of giving the subscription to another person. However, we will talk more about this in the second part of the tutorial. Now let's try to proceed with order and see how to renew the subscription of your account.

    How to pay for WhatsApp

    If you want to renew your WhatsApp subscription, the first step you need to take is to start the application, press the button [...] and call up the voice Settings from the menu that appears. Voice on iPhone Settings is located directly on the main WhatsApp screen, at the bottom right.

    At this point you have to select the item Account from the screen that opens, go to Payment info and choose the type of subscription you prefer: that of 1 year costs 89 cents, That of 3 years € 2,40 while that of 5 years costs 3,34 euros.

    Once you have chosen the type of renewal that interests you the most, press the button relating to the default payment method of your smartphone (eg. Google Wallet on Android), then presses on price of WhatsApp in the box that opens and access the menu of Payment methods available.

    Then choose whether to pay with the credit card associated with your account, if add a new credit card or whether to pay with a PayPal account. Then provide all the requested information (e.g. PayPal username and password or credit card number), press the button Buy Now and the transaction will be completed automatically.

    Should the option Activate Vodafone billing becomes available again, select it and fill out the form that is proposed to you with all your personal data for pay WhatsApp with Vodafone.

    Note: Phone credit billing is only available for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry users, not iOS users. This is true regardless of your telephone operator. To take advantage of this function, you need to connect to the Internet via the 3G / LTE data network.

    How to give WhatsApp as a gift

    Do you want to renew another person's WhatsApp subscription? No problem. However, as already mentioned, this feature is only available for Android users.

    If you have a smartphone equipped with the green robot operating system, press the button [...] located at the top right of the main WhatsApp screen and select the item Settings give the menu to compare.

    In the screen that opens, tap on the icon Contacts, choose the item Pay for a friend e pulsing sul pulsating Choose a contact to select the person to whom to gift the WhatsApp subscription (which must be included in your contacts).

    At this point, choose whether to give 1 year, 3 years or 5 years of subscription, press the button related to Google Wallet and select the WhatsApp price from the box that opens to choose one of the available payment methods.

    The rest of the procedure is identical to what was said previously regarding the payment of your subscription: you need to enter your credit card or PayPal account data to add to Google Wallet (or choose the option for direct billing on SIM , if available) and press the button Buy Now.

    Note: even if this function is only available on Android, it is possible to give the WhatsApp subscription to users of any operating system. To receive the renewal, gift recipients may need to restart their phone. More info here. If, on the other hand, you need more details on how to pay for WhatsApp with telephone credit, consult the guide I have prepared on the subject.

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