How to recover conversations WhatsApp Android

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How to recover Android WhatsApp chats

From the version 2.12.317, WhatsApp officially introduced the function of backup to Google Drive. This means that you can synchronize your conversations with the “big G” cloud service and restore them without manually copying files to the smartphone memory.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, it is essential that the phone you are using is paired with it telephone number of the device on which the backup was generated as well as the device itself Google account.

To understand which Google account is associated with the device, tap on the icon Settings (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio) located on the home screen or in the app drawer and select the item Account from the screen that opens; then tap on Google logo and verify l 'email address reported. For more information or in any case if the associated account is different, follow the instructions contained in my guide on how to associate an Android phone with Google.

After completing the above steps, to take advantage of backups on Google Drive and recover WhatsApp conversations on Android, all you need to do is reinstall o install the application on the device of your interest. Nothing else! WhatsApp, after verifying your phone number, will automatically detect the availability of a backup on Google Drive and will ask you if you want to restore it.

Keep in mind that, by default, backups to Google Drive are done automatically every day. To check (and possibly change) this "behavior", open WhatsApp, tap the button with i three dots vertically che si trova in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Settings from the menu that appears. Next, select the item Chat is that Backup of chats, then locate the section Last backup and check the date shown next to the wording Google Drive.

If you want to change the frequency with which the backup is performed, tap on the wording Backup to Google Drive that you find in the section Google Drive settings and make your choice from the menu that opens. To make a backup at the moment, however, press the button Back up your chats. This could take several minutes. If you want to include the videosposta su ON the switch located next to the appropriate option. However, be aware that this setting will lengthen the backup saving times and lead to the consumption of more space on Google Drive.

At this point, if the smartphone on which you are working is the same on which you want to restore the conversations and if the device has not been formatted, before proceeding with the recovery of the chats, you need to worry about uninstall Whatsapp. To do this, press onicona dell'applicazione that you find in drawer and, continuing to hold down on it, drag it to the icon of dustbin at the top of the screen. Later, confirmation your willingness to delete the app, by answering affirmatively to the warning on the display. For more details, you can check out my article on how to uninstall apps on Android.

Now, regardless of whether you are using your old smartphone or another Android device, download WhatsApp again. To do this, access the relevant section of the Play Store and tap the button Install. Then start the app by tapping the button apri appeared on the display or by touching theicona dell'applicazione which was just added in drawer. For more information, see my post on how to download WhatsApp for Android.

Next, stick to the initial configuration procedure of the application, accepting the conditions of use of the service, indicating your telephone number and verifying it. When you then see the screen for restoring previous backups appear, tap the button Restore, wait for the process to be completed and press the button end. Finally, configure your name and profile photo and you will finally find your chats.

How to recover Android WhatsApp conversations from a local backup

Now, let's see how to recover WhatsApp conversations on Android using the locally generated backup files from the application, i.e. saved on the smartphone memory. This is an operation that allows you to choose in detail which backup to use, and therefore to which date to report WhatsApp conversations.

However, keep in mind that for everything to go smoothly, the phone currently in use must be paired with it telephone number than the one used to generate the WhatsApp backup.

To succeed in the enterprise, first check that at least one local backup is available in WhatsApp, or in any case worry about generating one. To do this, open WhatsApp, tap the button with i three dots vertically collocato in alto a destra, selects the voice Settings from the menu that appears and touch the wording Chat present in the next screen. At this point, check what is written next to the item LocalIn section Last backup. To make a new backup, however, click on the button Back up.

Subsequently, locate the backup files you want to use to restore your conversations, by going to the HomeWhatsAppDatabases folder or to the SDWhatsAppDatabases folder (depending on whether you are using a smartphone with fixed or expandable memory) of the mobile phone currently in use, which you can reach using any File Manager (eg. Google files).

The oldest backup files are called msgstore- [data] (instead of [date] there is the date the backup was made). The most recent one, however, is called msgstore.db.crypt12. To make WhatsApp recognize a backup file before the last one automatically generated by the app, you need to rename it to msgstore.db.crypt12.

If you wish, you can also generate an even more recent backup than the one in the folder Databases of WhatsApp. To do this, start WhatsApp, press the button with i three dots vertically present in alto a destra and selects the voice Settings from the menu that opens. Then select the item Chatwho quills Backup of chats and press pulsating Back up. If you want to include videos in the backup, first move to ON the lever next to the item Include videos.

Now, if you are going to format your smartphone or you need to transfer the WhatsApp backup to another phone, you need to copy the file msgstore.db.crypt12 on your computer (or in any case you have to save it on a space outside the smartphone).

Then, go back to the HomeWhatsAppDatabases folder using the file manager, select the backup file, tap onshare icon and choose to send the file via emails, in order to auto-send you the file by e-mail, or select aapplication of a cloud storage service, as in the case of those I told you about in my guide on the subject, and save the WhatsApp backup in your online space.

Perfect! You now have your backup file ready to use. Provide, therefore, for install o reinstall WhatsApp on the phone on which you intend to restore your conversations, as I explained to you in the previous step, and copy the file msgstore.db.crypt12 in the HomeWhatsAppDatabases folder of the latter, downloading it in advance from the email or cloud service on which you previously stored it, opening it through a file manager and copying it to the destination folder.

Finally, start WhatsApp, follow the initial configuration procedure of the service by starting the verification of the number, always following the instructions that I have already given you in the previous lines, and, when requested, accept the restoration of messages from the backup, by tapping the button Restore. That's all!

If in carrying out the above steps WhatsApp try to restore the most recent backup from Google Drive instead of the one present locally on your smartphone, connected to this web page, log in to yours Google account e remove WhatsApp from applications authorized to access Google Drive. once the operation is complete, try to reinstall WhatsApp and everything should finally go well.

How to recover Android WhatsApp conversations without backup

Would you like to recover WhatsApp conversations on Android, you don't have a backup available and would you like to understand if there is an alternative way to proceed? In this case, you can try to intervene by sifting through the memory of your smartphone using uses e PC software used for the recovery of deleted data.

You must know, in fact, that there are apps such as EaseUS MobiSaver for Android or programs for Windows and macOS, such as Wondershare's dr.fone (usable after connecting the smartphone to the computer), which allow you to analyze the memory of the device and, in case the files of your interest have not already been overwritten by other information, can allow you to recover them. For all the details of the case, you can refer to the instructions contained in my guide on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages without Android backup.

Tools of this type are reliable and functional, but considering that their success essentially depends on the actual availability of the data, as I mentioned earlier, I cannot give you the absolute certainty that by using them you will succeed in your intent. Either way, giving it a try is definitely recommended.

How to recover WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone

You have replaced your Android smartphone with a iPhone and what you would like to know is if it is possible to recover the conversations that were present on your old mobile phone by going to transfer them to the "iPhone by"? I inform you immediately that this is feasible, but you have to use it third party software to succeed.

This is because WhatsApp, at the time of writing this tutorial, allows you to transfer your account from one device to another, but allows you to restore the backup only and exclusively on a new smartphone that has the same operating system as the one where it was. the application was previously installed and configured.

Alternatively, you can consider taking advantage of the native chat export function. Proceeding in this way, however, the conversations will not be accessible directly through the famous messaging app, but can be read using a text editor. For more details, I invite you to refer to my guide focused specifically on how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone.

How to recover chat archiviate WhatsApp Android

You are interested in understanding how to recover WhatsApp conversations on Android by acting on the ones you have filed (by mistake or intentionally) but you don't know how to do it? In this case, the procedure you must implement is very different from that relating to the recovery of the chats in case of deletion: just take advantage of an ad hoc function offered directly by WhatsApp.

What you have to do, therefore, is to start the WhatsApp app on Android, go to the section Chat application and select the link Archived that you find below. Then locate the conversation you are interested in from the list, click on his title and continues to have a premium per qualification, to select it; dopodiché fai tap sul pulsating with la scatola e la freccia verso l'alto at the top of the screen.

You can also restore multiple conversations simultaneously, by tapping the button with i three dots vertically, top right, by choosing the option Select all from the menu that opens, selecting the conversations of your interest and pressing the icon with la scatola e la freccia verso l'alto. For more details, read my post on how to see chats stored on WhatsApp Android.

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