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    How to recover deleted SMS

    Have you accidentally deleted messages from your Android smartphone or tablet? Here's how to recover deleted SMS with free software.

    How to recover deleted SMS

    I Message that we send every day can be an important memory that we do not want to erase. If you accidentally deleted SMS messages unintentionally, perhaps because you were cleaning up too many archived messages, now you are wondering: "Can I recover deleted SMS?".

    To answer this question we must try various avenues for restore deleted SMS. First of all, in some smartphones it is possible to cancel the deletion operation immediately after you have deleted a message. If you weren't able to cancel the process, you can use some SMS recovery software available in free or paid version.

    Among the different most famous data recovery programs you can install MobiSaver for Android, an application to download on the PC capable of restoring numerous types of files, such as SMS, contacts, photos, videos, music and documents on Android devices. This software can recover messages that have been accidentally deleted, or deleted by viruses or inaccessible due to problems with the operating system.

    How to recover deleted SMS

    The application supports many Android devices, such as Samsung, Sony, Soogle Nexus, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE and many other brands. There is also compatibility with different versions of Android, including 5.0 and 6.0. Thanks to the wide support with the main brands available on the market, MobiSaver for Android is preparing to be a good solution for read deleted SMS and restore them.

    Download the free application from the official website by clicking here. Installation is very quick and easy, you just have to go ahead and start the software. At this point it is necessary connect the device to the PC via the USB data cable and wait for MobiSaver for Android to recognize it.

    As soon as the terminal is recognized, the application automatically performs a complete scan of the data, analyzing contacts, messages, files in the gallery such as photos and videos, documents and other elements. Thanks to this comprehensive analysis, the program also detects deleted data, so you can see if it is there SMS deleted. It is recommended to have the Android device with at least 20% remaining charge before completing the scan.

    How to recover deleted SMS

    At the end of the analysis, which can last several minutes depending on the amount of information stored, you can browse through all the files available and select the various SMS to see the preview. This way you can realize the content of the message before retrieving the SMS from the mobile.

    In the free version, you can recover each message individually, then select the file you want to recover and proceed with the recovery. The file can be exported in HTML format to the PC to be read or printed.

    At this point you should be able to restore the deleted SMS. To avoid these unpleasant problems, you can install a free app on your Android smartphone or tablet called SMS Backup & Restore. Thanks to this software you can quickly make a backup of all the messages you have available, and easily restore them in case of problems or accidental loss.

    How to recover deleted SMS

    The program can create a save of messages on the memory card or by email, Google Drive and Dropbox. The SMS can be saved in XML format and an automatic backup can be scheduled without having to manually do the operation each time.

    With the support of leading cloud services, SMS Backup & Restore proves to be a great app to do message saves and restores.


    Recover deleted SMS: conclusions

    In this article we have seen how you can restore deleted messages from your smartphone using the EaseUS MobiSaver for Android software.

    If you need to recover deleted data from your smartphone, Android tablet, iOS, Windows Phone, you can contact us for advice. We can work on lots of terminals, recovering important data and files deleted by mistake.

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