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    How to recover files from a DVR system

    Do you need to recover files from a DVR? is the only distributor of HX-Recovery, advanced software for file recovery from DVR.

    How to recover files from a DVR system


    The term DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. It is a device used in the video surveillance to record everything that happens in a certain place. It is increasingly used to control offices, shops, companies and even villas and private homes. Thanks to the DVR it is possible to archive the videos recorded with special security systems that use video cameras, often also equipped with infrared systems.

    It is understood that the files recorded on the DVR are stored on a memory unit which is usually a classic hard disk. They can be found DVR problems which could cause a movie to be lost or damaged. If there has been a theft in a room where there was a DVR, the actions of the criminals can be recorded and then analyzed by the police. So losing a video file with important evidence and information about a robbery can be a huge blow.

    is the only distributor official software in Europe HX-Recovery, a state-of-the-art program that allows you to retrieve data and footage from DVR video surveillance systems, which also use CCTV cameras.

    The device may have been damaged, tampered with, or formatted. In these cases you risk lose videos contained within it, so it is important to intervene using software specifically designed for these systems. With HX-Recovery you can perform a thorough analysis of the device by checking numerous types of file systems, such as: DHFS, RSFS, WFS, Hikvision, Zhiling.

    A trial version can be downloaded by clicking here. The application is compatible with the main versions of Microsoft Windows, and can be installed on any PC with at least 1 GB of RAM and 50 MB of free space. Even in the case of bad physical sectors and compromised hard disk, with this software you can perform deep scans of the media going to recover important videos and data.

    How to recover files from a DVR system

    With the free version of the software you can test the various features, while by purchasing a license you also get 5 years of updates included. Once the programma HX-Recovery, you can select the language FROM YOUR COUNTRY and all connected drives are detected. A lot of information about the support is provided, such as the serial number, the size in GB and the type of device.

    After setting various parameters related to the type of DVR, it can start up a personalized analysis. For example, you can scan only the occupied space, the free space or the entire hard disk. It is important to evaluate which option to choose to speed up the scanning procedure and optimize times.

    When the analysis is completed, the videos that are are listed still recoverable with extensions H.264, avi, mpeg. At this point, simply select them and save them in the folder you prefer. It is recommended to export them to a disk other than that of the DVR.

    Thanks to HX-Recovery it is possible to recover video from the DVR, in case of damaged device or lost files. There is also a time filter that allows you to specify a time interval in which to search for videos.

    Retrieving data from a DVR: conclusions

    DVR systems can be damaged and compromised, losing important video. is official distributor of HX-Recovery software which offers all the essential functions to recover files and data from a DVR. Contact us for all other information and visit the HX-Recovery page.

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