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    How to recover messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp

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    How to recover messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp Android

    Come you say in opening, I will recover i messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp your Android is feasible and, moreover, offers greater recovery possibilities than on the iPhone, as the application saves its backups both on the cloud (on Google Drive, to be precise) that in local (i.e. directly on the smartphone memory). However, keep in mind that in order for everything to go as it should, the phone used must be associated with it telephone number and at the same Google account from the device where the backup comes from.

    That said, however I will recover i messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp from a previous backup, just uninstall the famous messaging app, reinstall it and accept the restoration of the backups found on Google Drive or in the phone memory. In the first case you can restore only the most recent backup performed automatically by the application, while in the second you have the possibility to “manually” select the backups to restore and to decide the exact date to which the conversations should be reported.

    Fatte gave him an accurate account of what was going on, we came to the verro e proprio della questione. Per cui, se vuoi avvalerti di Google Drive, assicurati in primo luogo che risulti avaible a backup da sfruttare per il recoco dei messaggi. Although, WhatsApp on your smartphone, tap on your button with i three dots in verticale collocato in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Settings from the menu that opens. Then, tap on the item Chat, if the dicitura Backup of chats e verifies the data of the last backup effettuato, is presented.

    It is dated from the last backup è prior to quella che serve a te (ovvero quella in cui i messaggi da recuperare erano ancora presentedi en WhatsApp), verifies altresì che il telefono che stai using sia associato allo stesso account Google e al medesimo number di phone number of the device your status in the backup (altrimenti the procedure of recovery of the conversation without and to fine). Per riuscirci, fai tap sull'icona di Settings (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio) located on the home screen and select the item Account from the screen that opens, then tap on Google logo and verify l 'email address reported.

    I know, invece, the data of the backup è successiva quella che occorre a te per il recover delle chat, puoi affidarti ai backup di WhatsApp salvati nella device memory, And quali, variously gives quelli effettuati online, if accumulating and permettono quindi di riportare the famous app of the messaggistica ad one stato precedent rispetto all'ultimo backup creato. But I will verify the data of the last backup locale di WhatsApp, non devi far altro che recarti nella cartella HomeWhatsAppDatabases or SDWhatsAppDatabases using qualsiasi File Manager (eg. Google files) and check the dates of the various named files msgstore- [data] .1.db.crypt12 (where is it [date] Rappresenta il il giorno in cui è stato creato il backup).

    Once you have identified the local backup of your interest, store it temporarily in a different location or on a cloud storage service. If you want, you can also restore an older backup by renaming one of the files named msgstore- [data] .1.db.crypt12 (where is it [date] si riferisce al giorno in cui è stato creato il backup) - che si trovano semper nella cartella Databases - In msgstore.db.crypt12.

    At this point, regardless of whether you want to take advantage of a backup on Google Drive or the local one, you can finally take the real action. So, first of all take care of eliminate The WhatsApp app on your device. For farlo, award and continues to have premuto per qualche istante sull 'WhatsApp icon in home screen o nel drawer, trascina quest'ultima sull'icona della dustbin at the top of the screen and answer affirmatively to the warning asking if you want to delete the app. For more details, you can check out my guide on how to uninstall apps on Android.

    In no time, scarica and install it Newly WhatsApp, visiting the relative Play Store section and face tap tap Install. Provvedi poi ad avviare l'applicazione, facendo tap sul bottone apri comparso sul display oppure selecting the relative icon che è stata aggiunta nella schermata home. I would like to pass on to you, I invite you to read my article dedicated specifically to how you will install WhatsApp on your Android.

    Now, if the backup was made on the device memory, first insert the file relating to it that you had temporarily set aside in the position that I have previously reported, then go to this page to view the apps that have access to the your Google account and remove WhatsApp from the list in order to I will force the ricerca dei backup locali e non sul cloud is part of the application.

    At this point, regardless of the type of backup that was, attieniti alla initial configuration procedure Say WhatsApp, acceding the condition of use of the service and indicating and verifying your phone number. When I saw the schermata per il ripristino dei backup precedenti, fai tap sul bottone Restore, attenti che il recupero delle conversazioni come avviato e portato a terminaine e, per concludere, fai tap sul pulsating end and it configures again nome e foto profilo.

    Successively, recati nella sezione Chat of the app: if everything went well, you should finally find yourself in front of the chats you had previously deleted. Et voila!

    How to recover messaggi cancellati from WhatsApp iPhone

    A differenza di quanto accade your Android, per I will recover i messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp your iPhone è possibile sfruttare only ed exclusively and backup salvati sul cloud, more precisely on iCloud, as for the “iPhone by” no function is available for local data saving. This allows you to recover your chats without "tinkering" with the recovery files, but unfortunately it cancels the possibility of choosing the date to which the application should be returned. Also, in order for everything to go smoothly, the reference backup must go to it telephone number and at the same iCloud account that had previously been associated with WhatsApp.

    Fatte informed you of what happened, but did not try to do so, assicurati in primo luogo di disporre di backup de cui poter ripristinare le chat. Per riuscirci, apri WhatsApp and choose the item Settings che trovi nella part in bottom behind the main schermata dell'app che ti comes comes. In followed, the voice Chat, That Backup of chats e assicurati che, nella nuova schermata che ti come comes, come my report that this is the backup, and the data to which it is with which I have been recently.

    Qualora la funzione di backup su iCloud no dovesse essere disponibile, per risolvere, recati nella home screen di iOS, seleciona l'icona di Settings (Quella with the ruota d'ingranaggio) do tap sul you don't know posto nella part in alto dello schermo. It is your device that has not been accessed with you Apple ID (e quindi non compare il tuo nome), selects the words apposita, per ovviare alla cosa. Nella schermata successiva, poi, fai tap sulla voce iCloud and make sure the switches next to the words iCloud Drive e WhatsApp risultino spostati his ON (otherwise you provide).

    Dopo aver effettuato i passaggi di cui sopra, puoi finally proceed walking to recover i messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp. Per cui, remove The WhatsApp app on the device, facendo tap on the relative icon present nella schermata home and continuing to have their first day of life per qualche secondo, selecting poi la voce Delete app click on the menu if you want to tap on your bottone Delete, in risposta all'avviso comparso sul display. Per maggiori informazioni sul da farsi, puoi I will consult my post dedicated in via specifies how to install the iPhone app.

    Subsequently, scarica and install it Again WhatsApp on your Apple smartphone, accessing the relative sezione dell'App Store, sfiorando il bottone Get, That Install and authorizing the operation through Face ID, touch ID o password dell'ID Apple. In segito, avvia l'applicazione, premendo sul bottone apri comparso sullo schermo oppure selecting the relative icon che è stata aggiunta in home screen. Per maggiori dettagli, leggi la mia guida specifies your eat scaricare WhatsApp your iPhone.

    Dopo aver avviato WhatsApp, followed the initial configuration procedure That you come proposition, acceding the condition of the use of the service and indicating and verifying your telephone number. When comes rilevato il backup your iCloud, fai tap sulla voce Ripristina chat timeline. Infine, type il tuo nome and impose your profil photo.

    A volta completes the procedure of the initial configuration of the application, recati nella sezione Chat Say WhatsApp: se non ci sono stati problemi, dovresti ritrovarti al cospetto dell'elenco delle conversazioni che in precedenza avevi rimosso. Ecco fatto!

    How to recover messaggi cancellati WhatsApp from PC

    Using WhatsApp anche da computer, processing the client available for Windows and macOS oppure through the web interface of the service, e piacerebbe capire as ripristinare the chat che hai cancellato in this specific case? Beh, you communicate that the thing is not directly available on the PC, as long as WhatsApp is not available as a standard application per computer.

    I client for Windows and macOS and WhatsApp Web, infatti, altro non sono che delle repliche in tempo reale di quanto proposto dallo smartphone, che funzionano solo se, a sua volta, sul cellulare è installato e configurato WhatsApp e se que se resulta connesso ad Internet , come you ho spiegato in dettaglio nel mio tutorial su come will use WhatsApp your PC.

    But what you can do to succeed recover i messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp da PC I will put into practice the procedure that you have proposed in order to retrieve your Android and iPhone chat and, successively, I will access the famous PC application, in the same way as the conversation of your interest.

    How to recover messaggi cancellati WhatsApp gives a great phone

    You would be interested in understanding how to do it I will recover the messaggi cancellati di WhatsApp gives a great phone? In this case, know that this is a feasible operation, always using backups, carrying out the account transfer procedure, which I told you about in detail in my guide on how to transfer WhatsApp from one phone to another.

    Once the account has been transferred, to succeed in the enterprise it is then necessary to proceed with the recovery of the backup files, as I indicated in the previous steps dedicated to Android and iOS.

    This altresì present that I will be able to recover and messaggi WhatsApp cancellation with a different phone number just last night in case of using a different cell phone number, how come you will change my WhatsApp number.

    How to recover messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp senza backup

    I did not have a backup of the WhatsApp chat and you who are a system is going to recover and messaggi cancellati dal famous service of messaggistica in tale circostanza? La risposta è affermativa ma, mi spiace dirtelo, la buona riuscita dell'operazione non è assicurata al 100%, anzi probabilità che la thing vada a buon fine sono tutt'altro che elevate.

    My spiego meglio: per I will recover i messaggi cancellati da WhatsApp senza backup it is necessary to contact specific third-party apps and computer programs (after connecting the reference smartphone to the PC) used to recover deleted data, which, however, are effective only if the data of interest have not been overwritten by other information on the device memory.

    In any case, if an attempt is made, you can add an app like EaseUS MobiSaver for Android oppure to software for Windows and macOS like Dr.Fone di Wondershare. Per ulteriori approfondimenti, you rhyming alla lettura dei miei tutorial dedicated specifically to how I will recover messaggi WhatsApp cancellati senza backup Android and how I will recover conversazioni di WhatsApp your iPhone.

    How to recover messaggi cancellati gives altri his WhatsApp

    I know, I invented, that I wanted to scoprire è come fare per I will recover i messaggi cancellati gives altri his WhatsApp and therefore they are no longer available in chat, I inform you that you can succeed in your intent as long as you put into practice a special "trick".

    Non si tratta, dunque, I gave a functionally officially offered by the famous app per chattare, I was a practice that could be attuata senza troppe difficoltà using an 'appposita applicazioni di terze parti, la quale, I anticipate it, è available only per i terminali Android. For tutti i dettagli of the case, consult mine guida su come recorere i messaggi WhatsApp cancellati dal mittente.

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