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    How to restore WhatsApp conversations

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    How to restore deleted WhatsApp conversations

    You want to find out how to restore deleted WhatsApp conversations? Then follow the instructions you find below, related to Android e iPhone. As anticipated at the beginning of the tutorial, to succeed in the enterprise, all you have to do is make use of backups.

    Restore WhatsApp conversations: Android

    If you use a smartphone Android you have two options for restore WhatsApp conversations: the first is to use the system of online backup su Google Drive (the "big G" cloud storage service), while the second involves the use of offline backup hosted on the phone memory. I recommend the first one, which does not require particular efforts and works completely automatically, but if for some reason you do not use Google Drive and / or want to recover conversations prior to the last backup generated by the application, you can also resort to "manual" backups ".

    Backups can be restored to any device associated with it telephone number from which the data was saved and, only in the specific case in which Google Drive is used, it is essential that the device used is combined with it Google account than the original one. To check this, you may find it useful to consult my specific guides on how to see your phone number and how to associate an Android phone with Google.

    That said, let's first find out how to use online backups. To configure its use, start theWhatsApp app, touch the button with i three dots vertically collocato in alto a destra and seleziona la voce Settings from the menu that opens. Next, select the item Chatwho quills Backup of chats, if the dicitura Backup to Google Drive and choose whether to automatically save the data on base daily, weekly o monthly. You can also decide to disable automatic backups and run them only on request, by choosing the option Only when I tap "Back up".

    Once you have made your choice, click on the button Back up and wait for a backup copy of your conversations to be created. The chats will be stored both on the cloud and on the phone memory. If you want to include videos in your backups, just bring up ON l'interruttore accanto alla voce Include videos, but be aware that movies may take up a lot of space and make the conversation backup and restore process take longer.

    If, on the other hand, what you are interested in doing is restoring WhatsApp conversations using a backup prior to the one made on Google Drive or if you do not have a WhatsApp backup online, you can succeed in your intent by using a local backup. In that case, just use the files crypt12 saved by WhatsApp on the smartphone. The generation of these files occurs automatically based on the app's backup settings, which you can view, adjust and execute "manually" as I explained earlier.

    Backups are stored in the HomeWhatsAppDatabases folder of the phone (or in the sdcardWhatsApp folder if the device supports memory expansion via microSD) and are renamed as follows: msgstore- [data] .1.db.crypt12 where instead of [date] there is the date to which the backups refer (eg. msgstore – 2021–07–05.1.db.crypt12 is a backup created on July 5, 2021).

    In order for WhatsApp to restore the messages included in one of these files, you have to rename it in msgstore.db.crypt12 and reinstall the application. To rename the backup files you can use a File Manager (eg. Google files), by going to the location I just specified, looking for the most recent backup files, selecting the one to act on, then the option to rename it and changing the file name. If there is already a file with this name in the folder, delete it.

    After completing the above steps, the process to perform to perform message recovery is very simple. All you have to do is install o reinstall on your device the WhatsApp app by taking it from the relevant section of the Play Store (or from the official website, proceeding as I explained in my guide on how to download WhatsApp for Android) and follow the initial configuration procedure proposal. After verifying your number, WhatsApp will automatically detect the presence of a backup and will offer you to restore it: press the button Restore And that's it.

    If it was your intention to use offline backups and during the conversation restore procedure you want to avoid the Google Drive backup being detected instead of the local one, connect to this web page and remove WhatsApp from applications that have access to Google Drive. Later, you can allow the app to access the service again in order to use the cloud backup feature.

    Restore WhatsApp conversations: iPhone

    Let's now turn to the side iPhone and let's find out how to restore WhatsApp conversations in this case. This is a tremendously simple operation: just rely on online backup which are automatically saved by the application on iCloud (Apple's cloud storage service).

    However, keep in mind that to restore conversations it is essential to use an iPhone associated with it telephone number and at the same Apple ID of the device on which the backup was generated. In this regard, you may find it useful to read my guide on how to access iCloud. It should also be taken into account that in this case it is not possible to restore conversations prior to those of the most recent backup.

    To configure the frequency of WhatsApp backups on your "iPhone by", open theWhatsApp app, go to the section Settings by selecting the relevant wording at the bottom right, select the item Chat present in the new screen displayed and then that Backup of chats. Then select the option Automatic backup and decide whether to enable automatic backups on a basis daily, weekly or monthly.

    Once this is done, you can start a manual backup of the conversations by returning to the screen Settings> Chat e facendo tap sul pulsating Back up now. On the same screen, you can also move to ON the levetta accanto all'opzione Include videos and activate the backup for the videos sent and received on WhatsApp, but know that this is an option that lengthens the backup and restore times of messages and leads to the consumption of more space on iCloud.

    Now, let's move on to the restore procedure. To succeed, all you have to do is install o reinstall the WhatsApp app on your device by downloading it from the relevant section of the App Store, then start the latter, follow the initial configuration procedure proposed, perform the verification of the number and consent to the restoration of your old conversations by pressing the button Ripristina chat timeline.

    How to restore WhatsApp conversations without backup

    it is also possible restore WhatsApp conversations without backup. This is feasible by using some special tools for recovering deleted data, both as regards Android and for what concerns the side iPhone. Find more explanations right below.

    Restore WhatsApp conversations: Android

    If you are using a smartphone Android, you can try to restore WhatsApp conversations without making use of backups, using special apps for data recovery, as in the case of Undeleter Recover Files & Data.

    It acts by carrying out a thorough scan of the memory of the smartphone on which it is installed, in order to allow the recovery of all the data that have not yet physically disappeared from the device, so as long as the portion of memory on which they were saved has not already been superseded by other data. It requires root to work properly. Basically it is free, but to save any recovered data you have to switch to the paid version through in-app purchases (at a price of 3,19 euros).

    To download and install Undeleter Recover Files & Data, access the relevant section of the Play Store (or contact alternative stores), then start the application and, once the main screen of the same is displayed, grant it the permits required.

    In the new screen you now see, select the option Restore data, sfiora l 'WhatsApp icon and waits for a complete check of the device memory to be performed. When finished, if any recoverable conversations have been found, select them and tap the icon floppy disk located at the top right to proceed with saving.

    Restore WhatsApp conversations: iPhone

    You have an iPhone, you don't have a WhatsApp backup at your disposal or maybe the one on iCloud is after the date you deleted the messages you intend to restore and you would like to understand if there is a way to restore the conversations of your interest in this case ? The answer is yes. To do this, you can try using the device backup.

    More precisely, what you need to do is run the reset complete iPhone and restore it using a backup of iTunes or iCloud, as I explained to you in detail in my guides on how to make iPhone backups and how to restore iPhone backups. Later, you could restore WhatsApp conversations, if the iPhone backup was created prior to deleting the messages.

    Another possibility for restoring WhatsApp chats is to contact the appropriate ones programs for recovering deleted files, like the ones I reported to you in my guide dedicated specifically to how to recover WhatsApp conversations on iPhone.

    How to restore WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone

    You are wondering how to restore WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone or viceversa? Well, be aware that officially it is not possible, as the backups between the two operating systems are not transferable.

    However, this does not mean that the operation cannot be carried out anyway. You must know, in fact, that there are third-party tools that, although in a somewhat "troubled" way, still allow you to retrieve WhatsApp chats from a different mobile platform from the one in place. For all the details of the case, check out my specific guides on how to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone and how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

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