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How to save people on WhatsApp for Android

As I have already mentioned to you a moment ago, however save people on WhatsApp just add their names to your phone's contact list.

To do this, if you use a device animated by the operating system Android, avvia l'app Contacts, by touching the icon of thelittle man placed on the Home screen or in the drawer of the device, tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom right and fill out the form proposed with the necessary information: the name of the contact, the telephone number and, if you wish, additional information such as emails, company and so on.

I advise you, in order to avoid problems later, to also put the country code reference which, therefore, if the number of the contact to be saved is 1234567890, you must enter the sequence in the field +341234567890. If, on the other hand, it is a mobile number belonging to another country, ask your friend what the international prefix of his country of residence is.

To conclude and add the contact to the address book, tap the button Save located at the top right: following this operation, WhatsApp should be able to independently retrieve, after a few minutes, the newly added name, inserting it in the list of available contacts (if the user in question was an actual user of WhatsApp ).

If this does not happen, you can "force" the search for new contacts in the following way: start the app WhatsApp, tap on the tab Chat and tap the button to dial a new message (The comic which resides at the bottom right), in order to view the WhatsApp address book. Finally, tap the button (⋮) collocato in alto a destra and seleziona la voce Update from the displayed menu: the previously added contact should now be immediately available.

Alternatively, you can save a person on WhatsApp by working from within the same application: therefore, after starting it, go to the tab Chat and tap the button in the shape of comic, resident in the lower right. At this point, press on the option New contact (it is at the top of the list) and, when you open the entry form, fill it in as I showed you earlier.

Please note: if you were wondering, it is not possible to act from WhatsApp for PC, as it is a simple repetition of the smartphone app, so the address book on which it rests is that of the phone and not that of the computer.

How to save people on WhatsApp for iPhone

The steps to follow to save a new contact on WhatsApp for iPhone they follow in the wake of what has already been seen for Android: even in this case, everything boils down to adding the user's data in question to the system directory and making WhatsApp “see” the contact just read.

How? Let me explain it to you. First, launch the app Contacts of iOS and tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead at the top right, in order to start creating a new contact.

At this point, enter the name to be assigned to the new user and, if desired, also the last name and company membership, then tap on the item add phone and enter in the field Telephone the mobile number of the user to add, preceded by country code. Finally, tap the drop-down menu next to the number you just added, select the item cellular from the proposed list and, when you are ready, tap the button end to add the new contact to the iOS address book and, consequently, to WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you can call up the screen to add a new contact directly from within WhatsApp: to do this, start the messaging app, tap the tab Chat placed at the bottom, presses the button for I will create a new messaggio (The sheet with pencil located at the top right) and select the item New contact from the panel that opens.

Finally, fill out the proposed form with the information relating to the person you are about to add, such as name and number of phone; when you're done, tap the button Save placed at the top right and that's it! The newly entered contact will be added to the iOS address book as well as to the WhatsApp address book.

How to save people on WhatsApp in a nice way

After following my instructions, you were finally able to add a new contact to WhatsApp, however the formula _name-surname_ chosen for saving seems a bit "flat" and you would like to assign a custom nickname, or a characteristic image , to a specific user? I think I can come to your aid even in this case: with a few small tricks, in fact, it is possible save people on WhatsApp in a nice way it is original.

You ask me how to do it? It's that simple. To begin with, if you use a device with an operating system Android, start WhatsApp, call up the screen of chat related to the contact of your interest (or create a new one) and tap on his name, located at the top of the screen.

Now, tap the button (⋮) collocato in alto a destra, selects the voice Modification from the displayed menu and replace the contents of the fields namelast name with a nickname or writing of your choice; if you deem it appropriate, you can use only the name field and enter what you want inside it.

If you want to associate a custom image with the contact, tap the icon of camera placed at the top and then indicates whether spring a new photo or choose an existing image from the gallery. Once the necessary changes are completed, tap on the item Save, resident in the upper right.

If the device in your possession is a iPhone, you can follow the same steps seen for Android but, in this way, you will not have the possibility to customize the contact image. To overcome this problem, I suggest you make the change directly from the Contacts section of iOS: start the app Contactsindividual nominative to modify from the proposed list and select it.

Then, press the button Modification located at the top right and enter in the field name the nickname you would like to assign to the contact; for add a photo, tap on the appropriate item at the top and, using the next screen, select the source of the image you are interested in: then indicate whether to take a new photo by touching the icon in the shape of a camera placed on the left; whether to take the image from the phone gallery, by tapping on the item all the pictures, or whether to use aAnimoji, selecting it from those available (or pressing the button capacitor positive (+) lead, to add new ones). Once the changes are complete, tap on the item end to save everything.

Keep in mind that, in both cases, the changes made to the WhatsApp contact will also be reflected in the smartphone address book; moreover, any personalized image will not be visible within WhatsApp, as it will be replaced by the profile photo chosen by the user in question.

How do you say? Have you perfectly understood how to proceed, but you just don't know how to generate a nice writing to associate with a specific person? In this case, apps like Font for FlipFont (Android) or Font Maker (iOS), together with sites such as Cool Fancy Text Generator, StyleMyText, Messletters or Smiley, of which I told you in my guide on how to create custom writings.

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