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    How to search for mobile


    Do you own a iPhone and would you like to understand how to search for mobile? In case you can take advantage of the function Find my iPhone made available directly by Apple. Thanks to this feature, each user can locate their smartphone in a very simple and effective way and possibly perform actions remotely using any computer connected to the internet.

    To use Find my iPhone in such a way as to be able to jail cell phone, the first move you need to make is to verify that the feature in question is enabled on your iDevice. Keep in mind that Find My iPhone is a function that can be enabled during the procedure to activate the device, the one that I explained to you in my guide how to activate iPhone. In case you have not done this, you can remedy by accessing the home screen of your iDevice, pressing on Settings of iOS, by selecting the you don't know, then the voice iCloud and tapping on the item Find my iPhone attached to the menu that opens. Then proceed by bringing up ON the relative levetta all'opzione Find my iPhone.

    If you are using an older iPhone with an iOS version prior to 10.3, you can access the Find My iPhone settings by going directly to Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone.

    How to search for mobile

    Once you have ascertained that the Find my iPhone service or in any case after having activated it, you can use any computer connected to the internet to detect the geographical position of the device. To locate your iPhone from your computer, click here to connect to the website right away iCloud, log in with your Apple ID data and click on the icon Find iPhone that appears on the screen.

    Once this is done, wait a few seconds and the map will show the geographical position where your iPhone is located with an icon next to it that will allow you to control it remotely. In case you are unable to locate the device immediately, click on the item All devices which is at the top and select the name of your iPhone (eg. iPhone in ) from the menu that opens.

    To remotely control the iPhone, first click on the green indicator that marks its position on the map and then on the button i. At this point you can choose between different options, all very useful for locating a mobile phone: Make sound, to make your device emit a sound so that it can be identified if it is nearby; Lost mode, thanks to which the device shows a phone number to contact on the lock screen; Initialize the iPhone, which allows you to delete all data on the device to prevent third parties from accessing it. In case you decide to initialize the device, keep in mind that the latter will then no longer be traceable through the Find my iPhone system.

    How to search for mobile

    In addition to this, as I have just indicated, you can search for your iPhone using the function in question by installing the free application Find my iPhone for iOS and control your iPhone from other Apple-branded devices. The options available are the same as we have just seen together on the iCloud website.


    Even in the case of Android it is possible to search for mobile using a service not very dissimilar from Find my iPhone for iOS. I'm talking to you about the location service offered at no cost directly by Google to all users who use its platform for mobile devices.

    If this is of interest, to begin with, you need to activate remote location on your smartphone by opening the app Google settings on Android (the one with the gear icon characterized by a "G" in the center) and selecting the item Safety from the menu that opens. Then put the check mark next to the items Locate this device remotely e Allow remote lockout and reset and the game is done.

    How to search for mobile

    For everything to work properly, GPS must also be enabled. To make sure it is active and, if not, to activate it then go to the section Settings of Android by tapping on the icon located on the screen with the icons of all the apps installed on the phone, select the item Geolocation from the screen that opens and check that the lever at the top right is moved to On. If this is not the case, press on it to fix it immediately.

    When completed, click here so that you can connect to the website Manage Android devices. If requested, enter the data relating to your Google account and then press the button Log in. Obviously the account with which you use the service and which you intend to use to search for a mobile phone must be the same with which you authenticated on your mobile phone.

    So wait a few moments for the device to be visible on the map. Subsequently, in addition to knowing the current geographical position of the phone, you can use the appropriate commands visible on the screen to make the device emit an alarm, to delete all the data in its memory or to lock the device. To sound the alarm, press the button Make it ring twice consecutively and the device will ring continuously for five minutes or until someone presses the power button, to delete the contents of the mobile click on the button Clear for two consecutive times and from your mobile will be automatically deleted apps, photos, music and settings while to lock the device presses the button Block and fill out the form that is proposed to you.

    How to search for mobile

    In the absence of a computer, you can search for a mobile phone as I have just shown you also directly from Android using the free application Android Device Management which works in a practically identical way to the site we just talked about.

    Windows Phone

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to search for a mobile phone by intervening on a device Windows Phone you can take advantage of the feature Find My Phone made available by Microsoft itself.

    To make sure that the feature is active on your device, go to settings system and select the item Find My Phone from the menu that opens. By placing the check mark next to the item Save my location periodically and before the battery runs out to find the phone easily you will know the last known location of the phone before its battery runs out.

    How to search for mobile

    To use it, click here in order to connect to the appropriate web page of the Redmond company's website, then log in with your Microsoft account by clicking on the button Log in present in the center of the screen, select the name of the device on which you intend to go to act and click on the item Find My Phone.

    Keep in mind that in order to be able to locate a mobile phone using the service in question, it is essential that the account used for login is the same one that you configured on the phone you intend to track down and that the device is logged in, connected to the Internet and with the services of active localization.

    How to search for mobile

    At this point, you will be shown your mobile phone directly on the map and depending on what your needs are, you can use the special options visible on the screen to lock the phone with a code, to make it ring or to delete all the data on its internal by simply clicking on one of the buttons located on the left side of the page. If you use the option to delete the data you will no longer be able to use the remote location function, keep this in mind.

    Other solutions

    Didn't the solutions to search for mobile phones that I proposed in the previous lines convince you? Would you be interested in getting to know additional resources to succeed "in the company"? If the answer is yes then you can try to take a look at the tools that I have indicated in my article on programs to locate cell phones and in the one dedicated to programs for spying cell phones.

    You can then find other interesting tools to search for mobile phones in my guide on how to geographically locate a mobile phone and in my post on how to locate a mobile phone from a PC.

    How to search for mobile

    Finally, I would like to point out that in the event of a stolen phone you can try to search for your mobile phone by relying on authority and leveraging the code IMEI of your device. For more details, read my guide on how to track down a stolen cell phone through which I have provided you with all the necessary information.

    How to search for mobile

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