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    How to view hidden WhatsApp profile picture

    FromOnlyWhatsAppswe want to show you step by step how to see the hiddenWhatsappprofilepicture of aperson.

    We will provide you with all the necessary information taking into account your device, either Android (Google Play) or IOS (Apple Store).

    Preliminary information

    Before we delve into the guide and see in detail how to view WhatsApp profile picture, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information about the procedure in question.

    First of all I want to tell you that it is not possible to see the profile pictures of contacts who have blocked us on WhatsApp or if they have deleted us from their address book and have set WhatsApp to make your photo visible only to contacts. .

    In cases like these, the only thing you can try is to use the WhatsApp account of a friend or family member who has the contact of the person whose profile picture is invisible.

    A very different situation, however, is one in which the profile picture of a contact on WhatsApp is not visible due to connection problems or malfunction of the servers of the service. Let's say that even in this case little can be done to solve the problem autonomously, but the problem is bound to be solved autonomously in a short time.

    Finally, do not completely rule out the hypothesis that the contact whose profile picture you can not see has trivially chosen to delete it, not to set it at all (if it is a new entry in your address book) or activate the privacy. option that prevents everyone from seeing the image in question. Having also clarified this aspect, let's see in more detail how to "move" in the various scenarios that I have just described to you.

    View WhatsApp profile with another device

    If the profile picture of a contact is not visible because the contact has blocked you, you may be able to view it from another WhatsApp account. To view the WhatsApp profile with another device, you must save the contact number of your interest on your family member's or friend's cell phone (if it is a contact you do not have in common) and act from the latter's device. Here's how to do it.

    • On Android - open the WhatsApp app, presses the Chat tab (top left), tap the white dialog bubble on green background (bottom right), presses the wording New contact (top) and fill out the form that appeared on the screen with all the relevant information ( name, surname and phone number). Finally, tap the Save item located at the top right. Then refresh the contact list by clicking on the (⋮) button (top right) and selecting the wording refresh from the open menu.
    • On iPhone - open the WhatsApp application, tap the Chat item (bottom right), tap the pen symbol with paper placed at the top right and press the New contact button. Save, therefore, the contact of your interest needs the requested information (ie name, surname and mobile number ) and, finally, press Save and Done (above).

    At this point, go to the screen that contains the list of all saved contacts, accessible by going to the Chat tab and pressing white dialogue bubble on green background (on Android) or on the symbol of pen with paper (on iPhone). Now, if the profile picture is visible to the saved contact, you can enlarge it by tapping on its thumbnail (on Android) or name and then thumbnail (on iPhone).

    If despite the procedure in question you still can not see the profile picture of the person you are interested in, it is possible that this person has decided to delete it or hide it from those who are not among your contacts (or even all). ), by selecting the privacy policy options.

    If you have saved the number of the person of your interest in the cell phone of a family member or friend, I recommend that you delete it as soon as you have seen the profile picture in question (assuming it was possible), so you can avoid privacy issues . I will possibly explain how to do this.

    • On Android - open the application Contacts / Directory, press the contact name you want to delete, press the button (⋮) (top right), select the item delete from the menu that opens and confirm the operation deletes the warning that appeared on the screen.
    • On iPhone - open the Contact application, press name of contact you want to cancel, press the Modify item, scroll to the bottom of the displayed screen, press the text Delete contact and confirm the operation by pressing on the text Delete contact in the opened menu.

    For more information on how to add a WhatsApp contact and how to delete it, take a look at the guides I just linked to you.

    Check for connection problems

    Checking your connection, and WhatsApp's servers, can help you understand if not seeing a contact's profile picture may be due to a temporary problem.

    If you are not experiencing connection problems attributable to your operator (perhaps because you are not having problems with Internet browsing or the operation of other applications), I recommend that you check WhatsApp Server Problems. How can you do this? By turning to Downdetector, a portal that collects user feedback on the malfunction of popular platforms, such as WhatsApp.

    To use it, go to its home page, using the link I gave you, type "Whatsapp" in search field placed at the top and press the red button that represents the magnifying glass. If you see the wording No problems on WhatsApp, it means that WhatsApp has no problems on its servers and therefore the failure to display the photo of a contact is attributable to decisions made by the latter.

    Checkwhatsapp: Application to see hidden profile picture

    Whats app profile picture:

    Check whats app profile picture of your friends within the app. The app has an attractive user interface. If you really want to know if your boyfriend/girlfriend still shows your crush's profile picture, just install this app on your device and check which profile picture you just saw on WhatsApp.

    You may be curious to know who checked his/her profile picture on the app. Simply check all profile pictures with this app. You can simply download, view and share profile pictures.

    The application is very easy to use:

    Install this application and check the profile of all users in the list.

    Click to share/save and chat with your users.

    To add a new profile picture, simply go to Whats app and click on profile pictures.

    Enjoy the application.

    Otherwise, if you see reports related to WhatsApp malfunction, try later to check the availability of the profile picture of the user of your interest, which could be restored after the restoration of the service servers.

    If you are (almost) sure that you have been blocked by the contact whose photo you can no longer see and you feel that you have not done anything serious towards him/her, you can try to contact him/her, in a polite way. If he/she doesn't respond to you on the first try, don't insist) - on other platforms and try to clarify. Maybe he/she blocked you just by accident!

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