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How to see hidden WhatsApp profile photo

Preliminary information

Before delving into the guide and see in detail how to see WhatsApp profile picture, it is my duty to provide you with some preliminary information regarding the procedure in question.

First of all, I want to tell you that it is not possible to see the profile photos of contacts who have blocked us on WhatsApp or if they have deleted us from their address book and have set WhatsApp so that their photo is visible only to contacts.

In cases like these, the only thing you can try is to use the WhatsApp account of a friend or family member who has the contact of the person whose profile photo is invisible.

A very different situation, however, is that in which the profile photo of a contact on WhatsApp is not visible due to connection problems or malfunctions of the service servers. Let's say that even in this case little can be done to resolve the issue autonomously, but the problem is destined to be resolved autonomously in a short time.

Finally, do not completely rule out the hypothesis that the contact whose profile photo you cannot see may have chosen, trivially, to remove it, not set it at all (if it is a new entry in your address book) or to activate the privacy option that prevents everyone from seeing the image in question. Having clarified this aspect too, let's see in more detail how to “move” in the various scenarios I have just described to you.

See the WhatsApp profile with another device

If a contact's profile photo is not visible because the contact has blocked you, you may be able to see it from another WhatsApp account. For see the WhatsApp profile with another device, you must save the contact number of your interest on the cell phone of your family member or friend (if it is a contact you do not have in common) and act from the latter's device. Here's how to do it.

  • Your Android - open the WhatsApp app, press the tab Chat (top left), tap the white speech bubble on green background (bottom right), presses on the wording New contact (above) and fill out the form that appeared on the screen with all the relevant information (name, last name e telephone number). Finally, tap on the item Save located at the top right. Then remember to update the contact list by clicking on the button (⋮) (top right) and selecting the wording Update from the opened menu.
  • Your iPhone - open the WhatsApp app, tap on the item Chat (bottom right), tap on the symbol of pen with paper placed at the top right and presses the button New contact. Save, therefore, the contact of your interest by providing the requested information (ie name, last name e cellphone number) and, finally, presses on the voices Save e Done (up).

At this point, go to the screen containing the list of all saved contacts, reachable by going to the tab Chat and pressing on white speech bubble on green background (on Android) or on the symbol of the pen with paper (on iPhone). Now, if the profile photo is visible for the saved contact, you can enlarge it by tapping on his miniature (on Android) or yours name and then on miniature (your iPhone).

If despite the procedure in question you are still unable to see the profile photo of the person of your interest, it may be that this person has decided to remove it or to hide it from those who are not among their contacts (or even everyone), by selecting the options privacy policies.

If you have saved the number of the person of your interest on the cell phone of a family member or friend, I recommend that you delete it as soon as you have seen the profile photo in question (assuming it was possible), so as to avoid privacy problems. I'll briefly explain how to do it.

  • Your Android - open the app Contacts / Directory, presses on contact name you want to delete, press the button (⋮) (top right), select the item Delete from the menu that opens and confirms the operation by answering Delete notice appeared on the screen.
  • Your iPhone - open the app Contacts, presses on contact name that you want to cancel, presses on the item Modification, scroll to the bottom of the displayed screen, press on the wording Delete contact and confirm the operation by pressing on the wording Delete contact in the opened menu.

For more information on how to add a WhatsApp contact and how to delete it, take a look at the guides I have just linked to you.

Check for connection problems

Check the connection, yours and the WhatsApp servers, can help you understand if the failure to view a contact's profile photo may be due to a temporary problem.

If you do not experience connection problems attributable to your operator (perhaps because you do not have Internet browsing problems or the operation of other apps), I recommend that you check any WhatsApp server problems. How can you do it? Resorting to Downdetector, a portal that collects user feedback on the malfunctions of popular platforms, such as WhatsApp.

To use it, go to its home page, using the link I provided, type "WhatsApp" in Campo di Ricerca placed at the top and press the red button depicting the magnifying glass. If you see the wording No problems at WhatsApp, it means that WhatsApp has no problems on its servers and, therefore, the failure to display a contact's photo is attributable to decisions made by the latter.

Otherwise, if you see reports related to the WhatsApp malfunction, try later to check the availability of the profile photo of the user of your interest, which could be restored following the restoration of the service servers.

If you are (almost) certain that you have been blocked by the contact whose photo you can no longer see and you feel you have not done anything serious towards him, you can try to get in touch with him / her - in a polite way calm and not petulant (if she doesn't answer you on the first try, don't insist) - on other platforms and try to clarify. Maybe you were blocked just by accident!

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