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    How to send a different location with WhatsApp

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    Preliminary operation

    Before going into the merits of the different solutions to send a different position on WhatsApp, I think it is better to talk about the concept of GPS and explain how to activate this function on your smartphone.

    Il GPS, acronym for Global Positioning System, is a satellite positioning system capable of identifying the place, date and time of a device equipped with a special receiver. This technology allows you to locate a device with very accurate precision, with an error of up to 20 meters.

    Given this feature, it can be very useful for establishing the geographical position of a device, in this case the smartphone and, if necessary, sharing it with other people.

    If you have a smartphone Android, to activate the GPS, you must go to thenotify area of the operating system, by swiping from top to bottom, and look for, in the quick access menu that is shown to you, the icon GPS (otherwise called Location o Info. Location), and then tap on it: by doing so, you will see the icon light up, meaning that you have activated the GPS. You may need to concede the access permissions to the GPS: you can do it immediately, as soon as the relevant request is displayed, by tapping on CONSENT.

    It may also happen that you don't find the GPS icon in the quick access menu I suggested you use. You have nothing to fear though, because there is another way you can take: go, then, to the menu Settings of Android, by tapping on the icon with the gray gear located on the home screen or in the drawer (the screen with the list of all the apps installed on the device), scroll to the section personal, tap on the item Geolocation e carries his ON the switch on the next screen.

    Depending on the Android mobile phone model you have, you may find the item related to geolocation (or ai location services) also in the menu Advanced. If something is still not clear enough, I suggest you consult my guide dedicated to activating the GPS.

    If you have one iPhone, you can activate GPS on your phone just as easily.

    Proceed, therefore, by tapping on the icon Settings (the gear) which you can find on the Home screen. Then go up Privacy, then up Location and move up ON the lever relative to the Location.

    In case of further doubts, I invite you to read my tutorial on activating the GPS on all the most popular devices and systems.

    At this point, everything is ready to go and find out which are the most effective ways to send a position different from the real one on WhatsApp.

    How to send a different location with WhatsApp on Android

    It could happen on several occasions that you need to share a position other than that in which you are with a contact or group, but what to do in these cases?

    The procedure is very intuitive, as you yourself will notice. If you use a device Android, start immediately by opening WhatsApp from the app menu, then choose the chat where you want to share a geographical location and tap the icon with the Clip, next to the bar for writing messages (at the bottom).

    From the new menu displayed, then proceed by pressing the icon Location and you will see a map load: if this does not happen, it is probably because you need to grant WhatsApp i permissions to use GPS. To do this, answer Continue to the question that is proposed to you and confirm by tapping the button CONSENT.

    Once you have done this quick operation, you will have access to the GPS location sharing map, through which you can share any geographic location. Therefore, place the cursor where you prefer (perhaps by pressing the icon with the four darts located at the top left, in order to view the map in full) and choose the location you want to share from here.

    Once you have identified the location of your interest, tap on cursor and then on the voice Submit this position, in order to share the selected location (therefore a location different from yours) on WhatsApp. It was easy, wasn't it?

    App to send a different location with WhatsApp

    If you want, you can also share a different GPS location from the one you are in via third-party app, which allow you to camouflage your real geographical position in other applications than WhatsApp.

    The first application of this type that I want to tell you about is Fake GPS, which is one of the most used on Android. Fake GPS is famous for its ease of use and because it is available directly on the Google Play Store, for free.

    To proceed with its download, tap on the icon Play Store (the one with the colored ▶ ︎ symbol), press on search bar which is at the top and searches for the term "Fake GPS" inside. Then tap on the first search result, then on the button Install and wait for the app to download and install, then tap the button apri, to start it.

    Now, if you haven't already done so, grant the permits required by Fake GPS and activate the GPS as I have already explained to you previously. Then go to the menu Settings> Developer Options of Android and press on the items Select fictitious position app e Fake GPS.

    If you do not find the menu of Developer options, do not be alarmed because this item must be "unlocked" in a specific way: by going to the menu System> About phone / About device and tapping for seven consecutive times on the item Build number. For more information on this, check out my tutorial on how to enable USB debugging on Android.

    At this point, go back to the app you just installed and you will see that you can move around at will on the map or search for an address, through Search Engine integrated.

    Once you have chosen the location, you will have set a fictitious location that you can share on WhatsApp and any other app as if it were your current location!

    As an alternative to Fake GPS, you can try GPS Emulator, an app that works virtually identical to the latter.

    Beware though: since "Fiddling" with the GPS location too much could lead to problems when you want to reset the real position of the device, I suggest you also download the GPS Status & Toolbox application, which allows you to solve problems of this type.

    Once you have downloaded the app, grant it the required consents and start the restore the real position of the device, through the wizard that is proposed to you on the screen. It may be necessary to repeat this operation several times to restore the correct functioning of the GPS.

    How to send a different location with WhatsApp on iPhone

    If you use a iPhone and you want to send a geographic location on WhatsApp, different from the one you are currently in, proceed as follows.

    First, open the chat where you want to share the location and press the button +, located at the bottom left. Then select the item Location from the menu that opens, type a address (or the name of a place) in the bar that appears at the top, on the next screen, and select one of the results shown below, to share its position on WhatsApp.

    In case of problems, check that WhatsApp has access to the location services on the iPhone, by going to the menu Settings> Privacy> Location and move up ON the lever relating to the function Location. Then scroll through the menu, press the icon of WhatsApp and tick the option While using the app, in order to allow the use of location services while WhatsApp is in use.

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