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    How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    How to switch Firefox to Spanish?
    If your computer's operating system is in English, or if Firefox made a mistake during its last update, you may have been surprised to discover your browser in English ...

    As it is not always practical to navigate with the language of Shakespeare, let alone tackle the settings in a word that is not ours, we have prepared a little tutorial for you which explains how to properly configure Mozilla Firefox by changing the language applied on it to Spanish.

    Skip Firefox in Spanish

    1. For the first step, you don't need to be bilingual, go to the icon Menu at the top right of your browser, and select Options in the panel that appears.

      How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    2. A new tab opens, make sure you are on the page General.How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    3. Go down slightly to Language and Appearance, and locate the section Language (in second position)How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    4. Click on the drop-down panel where the current Firefox language is listed, here English (United States). One French appears click on it, otherwise select Search for more languages. To continue the tutorial, we pretend we don't have French in the list.How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    5. Click on Language to add, a list of languages ​​will appear. Search French by typing a " f »On the keyboard then going down until you find it. Click on it.How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    6. Then click Add just to the right of the selected language.How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    7. The new language now appears at the top of the selection. Choose French then click OK.How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    8. Then click on Apply and restart.How to switch Firefox to Spanish?

    Your browser will close and reopen on the same page, but in Spanish!

    To install a language other than Spanish, it's exactly the same principle. Applying a foreign language on your browser can help you if you want to expand your vocabulary in that language!

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