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    How to watch DAZN on Chromecast, Fire TV or Smart TV

    DAZN is the online streaming platform that broadcasts numerous sporting events for the payment of a monthly subscription (but we can try it for free for 30 days, so as to evaluate whether it is worth it or not). The various channels of DAZN are visible from any web browser on a PC, but to be able to enjoy the sports broadcasts to the fullest we recommend viewing the channels of the platform on the TV in the living room or kitchen, so as to be able to see the football matches in full detail. , tennis matches and much more. But how to bring DAZN on our Smart TV? And what if we have a standard TV without a Smart component?
    In this guide we will show you how to watch DAZN on Chromecast, Fire TV or Smart TV, so you can always see the channels of the platform on any TV, even if the Smart component is not present (just use a Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV Stick to adapt any TV with an HDMI port).

    How to watch DAZN on Smart TV

    The simplest way to watch DAZN on TV involves installing the dedicated app from the store integrated into our Smart TV.

    First we connect our Smart TV to the Internet using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi (we check the TV settings to be able to connect), then press the button App, the button Home or the multimedia button on the remote control to access the Smart component of the TV. Once the multimedia screen is open, let's go to the app store (LG Content Store for example) and look for the DAZN app.
    Once you have found the app, just select the item Install to add support to the streaming platform on our Smart TV; to view the channels all we have to do is open the DAZN app you just installed on your TV, log in with our account credentials and finally select the channel to stream.
    Compatibility is very high: practically any TV produced from 2016 onwards supports DAZN, especially if we focus on well-known manufacturers (such as Samsung, LG and Sony). If, on the other hand, we are about to buy a new Smart TV, we advise you to follow the suggestions proposed in our guide on How to choose and buy the best Smart TV.

    NOTE: : to get the best results (in terms of fluidity) for the DAZN app on Smart TV, we recommend that you use the Ethernet cable connection and turn off any other device that consumes a lot of bandwidth (PC with eMule or Torrent, PC or active game consoles etc.).

    How to see DAZN on Chromecast

    If our TV is not equipped with a Smart component or we cannot find the DAZN app in the store, we can use the Chromecast to watch DAZN on the TV.

    In order to proceed, we connect the Chromecast to our TV, using one of the HDMI sockets on the latter and supplying electricity to the Google dongle (we can use the USB port of the TV for the purpose or use a USB cable and a wall charger to mobile phones). Once the physical connection is made, we will have to connect the Chromecast to the home Wi-Fi network, so as to be able to access the Internet and be visible to other devices on the network.
    Once the configuration of the dongle is finished, we install the DAZN app on our Android smartphone or iPhone, log in to the account with our credentials, then tap the Cast symbol at the top right, so to be able to associate the app to the previously configured Chromecast.

    Now we will not have to do is start the channel from the app, so that we can view it directly on the Chromecast and consequently on the TV.

    NOTE: : to get the best results in terms of fluidity, we advise you to connect your smartphone with the DAZN app and the Chromecast to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, checking that the home modem is close enough to both of them.

    How to see DAZN on Amazon Fire TV Stick

    As an alternative to Chromecast we can use the Amazon Fire TV Stick to see DAZN on incompatible TVs or on TVs without a Smart component.

    As for Chromecast, all we have to do is connect the Amazon Stick to one of the HDMI ports on the back of the TV, connect the power cable to a USB port on the TV or to a wall charger, then proceed with the configuration of the device on the home Wi-Fi network. Once connected to the Internet, open the Fire TV App store, enter DAZN in the search field at the top and press the appropriate download button to start downloading the app. When the download is complete the DAZN app will be accessible from the Home screen, or in the section reserved for applications and games.
    To see DAZN we open the app, enter the email and password of our account and choose which channel to view.

    NOTE: : as for Chromecast, we recommend that you connect the Fire TV with the DAZN app to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, checking that the home modem is close enough to the Amazon dongle; only in this way will we be able to obtain the maximum in terms of fluidity.

    Other ways to watch DAZN on TV

    In addition to Chromecast, Fire TV or Smart TV app, we can use one of the following devices to see DAZN on the TV; if we have one of these we can also avoid making complex configurations or buying new superfluous devices.

    1. Sony PlayStation 4: if we own the Sony console we can use it to see DAZN on TV, by installing the official app of the platform.
    2. Microsoft Xbox One: if instead we own the game console signed by Microsoft, we can use it to see DAZN with the official app.
    3. Apple TV: if we own the TV Box produced by Apple, we will be able to see the channels of DAZN at the highest quality through the official app.
    4. Sky Q: if we have the latest generation Sky decoder, we can see DAZN by installing the app dedicated to Sky customers.
    5. Android TV Box: for Chinese TV Boxes it is sufficient to install the DAZN Android app and enter the credentials in the app to be able to see the channels without limits.


    DAZN is a good streaming platform that offers 3 out of 10 matches of each Serie A round plus live coverage of other interesting football events (such as Serie B, Spanish Liga, French Ligue 1, FA Cup, Libertadores Cup, the Copa Sudamericana and the US MLS), together with the live broadcasts of many other sports. If we are interested in its contents, we can configure the service on many different devices, so you can see DAZN wherever we are and in any room of the house.

    If we also want to see Sky matches via the Internet, we recommend that you read our two guides on How to see Sky without a satellite dish and a fixed subscription e Stream football to watch online on PC and TV.

    How to watch DAZN on Chromecast, Fire TV or Smart TV

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