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    How to watch TV series and movies on Telegram

    How to watch TV series and movies on Telegram Telegram is one of the apps that has grown exponentially over the years: despite the fierce competition from WhatsApp, it has stood out for the numerous additional and special features that have made it famous and increasingly used (just think of bots, animated stickers and secret chats).
    But one of the less known features to the general public is the player integrated within the app, able to play any audio / video format even from URL links without having to download any content and without having to open one of the app players on our device. .
    In this guide we will show you how to watch TV series and movies on Telegram using free and legal sources on the web, so you can immediately check the correct functioning of the integrated player and thus search for other sources to view new content.

    TV series and movies on Telegram: complete guide

    In order to use the video player integrated within the Telegram app we will have to make sure that we are using the latest version of the app, which we can download for free for Android devices and for iPhone / iPad.

    How to add TV series on Telegram

    In order to watch the TV series in streaming via telegram we will use both the internal player (which we had mentioned in the introduction) and a special app chat called Saved messages; this chat is created as a personal chat that only we (from our various devices) can view and in which we can save images, photos and URL links of sites, so that we can manage them at a later time. Taking advantage of the chat Saved messages we will be able to create our playlist with all the episodes of the favorite TV series without having to open a lot of links in the browser every time.
    To add one or more episodes of the favorite TV series on Telegram, open the web browser on our device, go to the website that has free and legally accessible content, choose a video and press at the top of the address bar, copy the link using the function Copy, let's go to Telegram and paste the link in the chat Saved messages, by holding down on the text field and using your voice Paste.
    How to watch TV series and movies on Telegram

    As soon as we confirm the addition of the link, the preview of the added video will immediately appear (in the next chapter we will show you how to use the player).
    If the TV series has more episodes, let's add them all to the chat Saved messages, so as to have a well-ordered chronological order.
    In fact, we can also create our personal "TV series", aggregating the contents we like by taking them from the web, from other chats or groups we frequent on Facebook or on Telegram itself.

    How to watch TV series on Telegram

    After creating our personal playlist in the chat Saved messages, we tap on the symbol Play which will appear in the center of the first episode or episode we want to watch.
    How to watch TV series and movies on Telegram

    We will see the internal player of Telegram appear, able to view the content in streaming without even having to open the website of origin! The player will occupy about half of the space on the screen of our player and will also provide some very interesting options, such as the PIP mode (i.e. a floating window to be moved freely in other chats or other apps) and the button to view the video on the screen indoor.
    The operation is very simple but at the same time effective: after pressing the button Play the buffering will load (visible as a thin white bar at the bottom of the video) and, after a few seconds, the chosen content will be played.
    Obviously we can move anywhere within the video, by swiping with our finger on the bottom bar (which actually acts like a time bar, so that we can move the video back and forth at will).
    Analyzing the other items available, we can see the item Close with which to close the video, the button Copy to retrieve the link to share in other chats and the key Open in, in case we want to use another player for playback.

    Sites to watch TV series and movies on Telegram

    If we do not know where to find the TV series and films to enter and see later on Telegram, below we have collected all the (legal) sources from which you can visit to find interesting content:
    • Vimeo
    • Dailymotion
    • VVVVID
    Nobody forbids you to search for content even among groups and channels on Telegram, but in many cases it is material protected by copyright and therefore shared on the platform in a completely illegal way.
    To find other content to add to the chat Saved messages of Telegram, we invite you to read our guide to Best sites to watch streaming movies on the internet.


    The addition of the integrated player within the Telegram chats is very interesting because it allows us to immediately open the video links that friends share, we can open the video links and the links to the TV series contained within dedicated groups and channels for the purpose and, taking advantage of the chat Saved messages, we can also create our own personal playlist with the best funny videos or with the videos we want to see later, so that we don't even have to fetch them from the web browser history or from one of the group chats (chock full of messages!) .
    Using this function we will have to pay maximum attention to the warez channels and groups (very numerous on Telegram): we run the risk of infecting our phone with Bitcoin miners or worse of seeing our chats compromised.

    Many of the videos that we can view with Telegram are available in the app channels; the best channels to add can be found in our guide Popular Telegram channels to follow.
    To make the most of all the features (hidden and not) of Telegram, we invite you to continue reading on our articles Telegram: Tricks, secrets and hidden options of the most complete messaging app e 30 best automatic and multifunctional Telegram Bots.

    How to watch TV series and movies on Telegram

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