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    Lab – The automatic programs of the Thermomix TM6

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    The Thermomix TM6 inaugurates automatic programs for the first time. Indeed, from one of the 3 home screens, it is possible to directly access certain functions that we tested in the lab.

    Vorwerk Thermomix TM6

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    The novelties introduced by the Thermomix TM6 are subtle, of course, but they deserve attention. After having tested the effectiveness of the "soundproofing" cup, let's go back in detail to the automatic programs inaugurated by the new food processor from Vorwerk. This is the first time that the German manufacturer has declined direct access to certain functions that have hitherto favored the guided recipes integrated into the robot or the manual mode — Vorwerk told us that they had taken into account user comments in order to select these programs which will be common to all the countries hosting the TM6.

    These programs are easily accessed by "scrolling" the home screen. 9 icons are then displayed which refer to 9 distinct programs: balance, kneading, turbo, cleaning, kettle, mixing, slow cooking, fermentation and vacuum. Let's start with the study of the first of them, the one that interests us the most: the balance. It is now precise to the nearest gram when it was only 5 grams on the Thermomix TM5, a boon for all demanding recipes such as pastry. In order to assess its reliability, we compared the value obtained when weighing an onion with that displayed on our precision scales. The result is the same: 105 grams. We congratulate the reliability and precision of this new scale, always supported by a Tare function.

    As its name suggests, the kettle function heats water to 100°C. To evaluate the speed of this function, we inserted two liters of water (2000 g) into the bowl of the robot. It took twelve minutes for the water to boil, which, given the values ​​obtained in our comparison on this test, is rather very satisfactory. To give you an idea, the kCook Multi and Multi Smart took 7 minutes to perform this test when the Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine Plus took 21 min 30 s. 

    Turbo mode allows you to start mixing at maximum power (10 on this device). To check the efficiency of the mixing, we usually give the robot 300 g of ice cubes to make crushed ice. In general, 10 hits of "pulse" manage to pulverize the ice cubes, with the TM6, only 5 hits were enough to overcome it. However, the resulting crushed ice looks more like powder snow than crushed ice cubes. This Turbo mode differs from the Mixing mode also deployed in quick access which is more generally used to make soup or purees. On this function, the mix starts at speed 5 and gradually increases to speed 8. The duration is user definable. 

    Four other cooking programs are available in direct access, including: kneading mode for kneading heavy dough (1 g maximum and 000°C), slow cooking mode (60 g of meat maximum for 800 to 1 hours at temperature between 8°C and 37°C) and vacuum mode (up to 98 hours at a temperature between 12°C and 40°C). Finally, there is a Fermentation mode used for the preparation of yogurts or to grow (inflate) dough. 

    Finally, the last mode is none other than a Cleaning mode used to pre-clean the bowl after making the preparation which particularly catches the pastry or caramel type walls. Before launching this mode, it is necessary to prepare a small mixture recommended by the TM6 (1 to 2 liters of water and a few drops of vinegar or washing-up liquid).  

    The Thermomix TM6 tests are following their course and we will very soon be focusing on the rise in temperature in order to check their stability and their homogeneity in the tank. To be continued then. 

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