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    Live shopping Cook Expert Connect with Laurent Mariotte: the replay is online!

    Advertisement Live shopping Cook Expert Connect with Laurent Mariotte: the replay is online! Sponsored file Updated on 10/11/21 at 10:04 a.m.

    Magimix invites you to discover the new Cook Expert Connect during an exceptional live shopping event consisting of six shows hosted by Laurent Mariotte and celebrities. The opportunity to discover the full potential of the star of multifunction robots, but also to take advantage of an exclusive offer on the Cook Expert range. The first show with Alessandra Sublet as guest is available for replay on this page.

    Scallops in crumble and mashed pumpkin

    During his first Goût du Live broadcast, Laurent Mariotte received Alessandra Sublet. The food columnist, host of Petits Plats en Équilibre on TF1, and the star presenter of the first channel went into the kitchen to concoct delicious crumbled scallops accompanied by a pumpkin puree, all with the help of of the new Cook Expert Connect robot from Magimix. Don't hesitate to see and review this friendly moment in the kitchen on this page (and here, if the replay doesn't appear on your screen)!

    THE novelty: the Cook Expert robot becomes connected

    Unbeatable! Launched in 2015, the Magimix Cook Expert is still the most complete food processor on the market. It is indeed the only one to integrate in the same device, a casserole, a steam cooker, a blender, a multifunction robot and an immersion blender! Made in Burgundy, in Montceau-les-Mines, the Cook Expert perpetuates the tradition of excellence of Magimix, the inventor of the multifunction robot.

    It is first of all a monster of robustness, as evidenced by its asynchronous motor, guaranteed for 30 years, and its refined control panel that can be cleaned with a sponge in the event of a small culinary incident. Or its insulated double-walled bowl and its steamer basket, both in stainless steel, eminently durable and a guarantee of healthy cooking. But above all, the Cook Expert is a marvel of versatility, as efficient for cooking the most delicate dishes to the nearest degree thanks to induction, as for cutting, chopping and slicing food. It's hardly surprising since the Cook Expert incorporates the blades and steel discs of the cutler Sabatier de Thiers, which have equipped the emblematic multifunction robots for 50 years.

    Full control of the robot via his smartphone

    Flawless, really? Well almost. The cooking robot lacked an essential function to make it definitively irreplaceable: connectivity. An absence now filled, thanks to the Cook Expert Connect and Cook Expert Connect XL. And that changes everything!

    The device now communicates via Bluetooth with the mobile app, which contains thousands of recipes concocted by Magimix and the community, classified by ingredients, specialties, diets, or health benefits (slimming, detox, energizing, etc.). Once the recipe has been chosen, let yourself be guided in its preparation. Set the temperature, cooking mode or time directly on the smartphone, to send instructions to the robot. No more touching the control panel!

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    The weight of the food appears directly in the app

    Note that the app allows you to add your own recipes along with the settings to be made on the Cook Expert Connect. Practical, to share your good meals with family or friends. That's not all. Thanks to the connected scale provided, on which the Cook Expert rests, the weight of the ingredients added to the bowl or any other robot accessory, appears instantly on the app screen, with an accuracy of up to 10 grams. kilos! A valuable asset, to gain in ease of use and speed, while limiting the number of containers to be washed.

    An exclusive offer for those attending the live shopping

    By adding connectivity to its Cook Expert and Cook Expert XL, Magimix confirms its supremacy on the all-in-one food processor market, with no competitor offering such a wealth of functions and accessories. And if you still doubt its effectiveness in helping you create simple or refined recipes, we invite you to attend, from November 9 to December 16, the six programs presented live by Laurent Mariotte. The food columnist will demonstrate the formidable capabilities of these new food processors. And the good news is that during this period you will benefit froma 10% discount on the purchase of a multifunction robot from the Cook Expert range with the code MAGIMIXLIVE !

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