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    Naples Data Recovery Company

    Are you looking for a data recovery company in the Naples area? Contact us.

    Thanks to ours modern laboratory equipped with the most advanced equipment available on the market, the company can recover files and documents from smartphones, hard drives, SSDs, USB sticks, RAID systems, memory cards and DVR systems.

    With the experience gained over the years we have acquired the ability to decrypt files of some variants of the Cryptolocker virus, offering the possibility to recover important documents and data damaged by ransomware.

    If you need to design a sophisticated server system for your business we can offer you one hardware and systems consultancy professional, to best implement the IT structure. It is essential to develop a functional server, optimizing hardware resources and limiting any security flaws in the system.

    Another important service offered by the company is the secure deletion of devices. When you need to securely delete files, or you need to update the corporate IT structure, we can permanently delete any IT support, such as hard drives and SSDs. In this way, confidential information is eliminated forever and no longer recoverable, to ensure maximum privacy and confidentiality.

    Inside the laboratory there is one laminar flow hood which is used to solve mechanical problems of hard disks, so as not to compromise the functioning of the devices.

    The work station is complete with all equipment necessary for the repair of any type of device, with soldering irons and essential components to be able to open and fix a large number of terminals.

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