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    Photo Grid, the multifunctional app for Android and iOS

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    Today we are reviewing the Photo Grid app which is available for free for Android and iOS. This application offers a wide range of possibilities. Intended for everyone, it is less seasoned than Snapseed, for example, but allows you to apply filters, corrections, edits and share your images in no time. It's practical, and it's also fun.



    It is very likely that you already know this application and that it is one (or not) of your favorites. For those who discover it, we tested it in its entirety to find out a little more. The first thing that seduces in this application is that it not only allows you to apply filters to your images, but also to immediately carry out the editing. It's much more practical than going through Instagram and Layout, for example, which are two independent applications and therefore require a lot more manipulation. Let's say that the two-in-one side of Photo Grid is particularly appreciable.

    On the filters side, the proposals are honest, more numerous than on Instagram or VSCO and there is a choice between the different desired styles (vintage, halo, etc.). Some filters are accessible only by download, but remain free, such as plug-ins that are added to Photoshop. A selfie mode also allows filters and vignetting to be applied before shooting, as Retrica does. For the rest, the basic settings such as contrast, exposure and saturation are also present.

    The montage part, also very well designed, allows you to manage the layout of the images as you wish, by modifying the background of the montage (among a multitude of choices), the width of the borders, the edges of the photos, the background, etc. It is also possible to add text, emojis, flip the images, change their place at will or even draw directly on the montage. You can also apply a filter to the entire assembly or retouch each image independently and that, casually, is not given to all applications. Enough to make playful, fun and creative files to share. Little more, you can change the layout of your images by shaking the device.

    Finally, Photo Grid offers a video function that allows you to edit several images one after the other to create a panorama. You can chain up to 50 images, add the music of your choice, modify the total time, the transition effects, edit the images independently without going through the classic editing function and apply filters.

    The application is really convincing. While it's hard to pass up Snapseed for more precise image editing, Photo Grid is a simple, all-in-one solution for those who want to have fun, twist, or tell a story with their photos. Once the result is obtained, you can save the image or share it on social networks. The save options are particularly interesting, since the application offers the choice of resolution (1024 or 720p), format (JPG or PNG) and whether or not to display the watermark of the application (unlike the Retricaqui application). applies it obligatorily). What more ?

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