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    Play Crysis for free by downloading Wreckage, 3D FPS single player adventure

      Play Crysis for free by downloading Wreckage, 3D FPS single player adventure Anyone like me who loves FPS games, 3D adventures with a subjective view where you put yourself in the head and body of a soldier or a fighter, should know one of the most beautiful video games of all time, Crysis.
      Crysis is the successor game to Far Cry, another historical 3D video game, which is based on its own graphics engine called, in fact CryEngine.
      There are several games based on CryEngine but almost all of them are paid.
      Recently, however, a game almost identical to Crysis, that you can download for free and play unlimited per game in single player against the computer, following the dynamics of a very articulated war mission, an adventure to the limit of the impossible.

      Although in another article the best free FPS shooter games, there are few that offer true graphics quality, console-level playability and the ability to play alone, without necessarily having to be connected to the internet for multiplayer mode.

      Wreckage Crysis is one first person shooter which is based on the award-winning Crysis engine and that you can play it as a standalone game, without any need to have Crysis installed on your computer.
      It is, perhaps, one of the best videogames I have ever written about in the games section of this blog; impressive in some places, with fluid and realistic graphics, sound effects, music, dialogue and everything you need to truly immerse yourself in the adventure.
      Wreckage Crysis is available for download by clicking on the Download Now link on the game page on the site
      The download is a 2GB zip file that will take an hour or so.
      After downloading the Wreckage_CrysisWars_Standalone file, you can extract the archive into a folder and then play immediately without making installations.
      To start the game you need to enter the Bin32 or Bin64 folder depending on whether you are using 32bit or 64bit Windows and launch the Crysis_Wreckage executable file.
      Immediately the game will start showing a movie presentation for you to see.

      The biggest flaw of this game will be noticed from the beginning and it is the German language of the dialogues.
      Unfortunately it cannot be changed, although every word is subtitled in English, the dialogues will be spoken in German.
      As mentioned, the 3D graphics are very detailed, with animations of each element, realistic facial expressions and well-synchronized dialogues.
      For this reason, on older or less powerful computers, the effect of lag or slowdowns of movements may occur.
      If there is any lag, you can enter the game options and lower the level of graphic detail.

      Wreckage catapults the player in the middle of a war without pause, with explosions and bullets starting from every corner.
      War vehicles, bleak landscapes, rain and lots of very realistic graphic details set the scene for the battle.
      The game tells the story of three soldiers trying to survive a devastating war.
      It starts with a helicopter trip and you can play as a team with the other two soldiers trying to help them and getting support in making their way through the enemies.
      Depending on your skill and the chosen level (I recommend playing at the Normal level), the game can be completed in a few hours of pure fun and adrenaline.
      To play, you move the camera with the mouse and move around using the keyboard.
      The keys can be configured in the options and, by default, they are WASD to move, Z to duck, R to grab items and weapons, the mouse wheel to change weapon, left button to shoot, right button to hit.
      The artificial intelligence seems to be that of the origiane game Crysis, so the enemies will not be stupid men who show the side but fierce and cunning guerrillas ready to do anything to kill the player.
      During the game, your progress will be saved automatically and when you are killed you can always resume from a checkpoint.

      This game deserves to be downloaded today and played to the end.

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      Play Crysis for free by downloading Wreckage, 3D FPS single player adventure

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