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    Print your holiday photos: ideas and tips

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    Nothing beats contemplating and touching paper. According to our previous survey, 48% of you want to print your best summer photos. You will therefore find in this file what to inspire you and what to select the best solution to print your holiday photos.

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    December 2016

    In this winter month, TechnologiesTips invites you to (re)discover some of the most viewed articles in recent months.

    Many of you are also printing your best vacation photos. This is what our survey reveals and we are delighted to learn it. So yes, printing is good, but where, how, what format to adopt and with what budget? Here are some tools, tips, advice and sites to guide you.

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    Print your photos (2nd part)

    7 years ago

    Photo printing sites: from classic 10 x 15 prints to original formats.

    There is no shortage of printing sites on the web (Photobox, Cewe, MyFujifilm, Pixum, etc.). These sites all offer prints in standard formats (10x15 cm, 20x30 cm, 30x45 cm, etc.). Often satisfactory, they are sometimes too classic. To change and vary the pleasures a little, we present to you some of our favorite sites.

    In terms of originality, we particularly like the Cheerz site, which offers original formats. It must be said that the marketing technique is well established and that it works, just like the packaging really worked. We are absolutely cracking up. Boxes, magnets, Polaroid format images, Photo booth prints, photo books, posters... there is something for everyone. The site is very easy to understand. Besides, you can apply many vintage filters to your images. A nice and original site.

    On the price side, a "simple" print, in classic, retro or square format will cost you €0,40. As soon as you move towards a more original product, such as magnets or Photobooth prints, the price increases, but remains reasonable in our opinion.

    Original Cheerz Prints (Cheerz BOX, Magnets, Square Prints and Classic Prints)

    In the same style, Printic offers quite similar prints. We also have a weakness for the p'tit book (from €16,90), a small photo book to assemble and make yourself from prints made via the site. He handles the printing, you handle the layout. And if you prefer to print directly from your smartphone, Printic and Cheerz have a mobile application. Practical, especially when you know that the digital readers' favorite camera is their smartphone.

    Impressions Pintric

    Less known, Carteland specializes in invitations and cards. It offers a jumbled accordion printing format (the Wowpaper) to be placed directly on a piece of furniture. An original way to assemble several images, to admire them on a daily basis and not to let them sleep at the bottom of a drawer. The Wowpaper is sold for €6,90 per unit and the prices are decreasing according to the number of copies.

    Wowpaper at Carteland

    Do not hesitate to share your favorite printing sites and to make us discover other original formats, we do not know them all and we will be delighted to discover more.

    photo books 

    Photo books allow you to group your images by themes or periods. It's also an opportunity to sort out your images and do some good for your computer. Now, most photo printing sites offer at least a book version. However, there are sites dedicated to photo books. Some don't appear at the top of Google's list, but you can take a look at Blurb, Saal, Asukabook, Floricolor, Folioalbums, or Graphistudio. Please note that some sites are reserved exclusively for image professionals who have a SIRET number.

    From one site to another, many criteria may differ: price, type of paper, number of pages, format, but also and above all the interface for making your book. Automated, manual, complex or intuitive, its handling is essential. Before you start, it is therefore best to identify what you need so as not to waste too much time. Because casually, designing a photo book requires much more time and patience than simply sending images in batches.

    Photo book Cheerz portrait format

    Some sites make their layout interface available online, while others offer downloadable software that can work without an Internet connection. A way of working to take into account before designing your photo book.

    Online PhotoBox interface

    MyPhotoBook interface via software 

    For more information on photo books, you can read the 2016 photo book comparison produced by the Focus Numérique team.

    As far as the budget is concerned, the note can quickly climb. Unless you are satisfied with the minimum number of pages imposed, which is rarely the case, you will quickly reach 50 €, if not more. Pay attention to the price before you start.

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    I print my own photos

    The advantage of printing your own photos is that there is no delay. It's also about having full control over how your images are printed. And if there is a mistake, you can only blame yourself. You will be free to choose the format – within the limits of those of your printer – but also to make your edits, calibrate your colors, choose the definition, etc. The main constraint concerns the obvious consumption of ink and paper, at costs often higher than a simple printing at a specialist. The photo printer is above all a story of profitability. If you print regularly and like to keep control over your images, it can be a real alternative. And if you don't want to go through a computer, many printers allow direct printing, via the memory card or by connecting it via Wi-Fi to your camera or smartphone, for example. 

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    I print retro and share instantly with the Instax Share SP-1

    This product is the pinnacle of vintage, but it is also a means of instant printing. We warn you right away, it's retro, it's cute, but it's expensive: it takes around €130 for the printer plus around €20 for the pack of 20 Instax views. The advantage is to be able to print your images immediately and directly from your smartphone via the dedicated application. In addition, its mini size allows you to easily carry it everywhere. On the other hand, if you have captured your images via another means, you will have to transfer them first, since there is no computer software. The coolest thing about all of this is the instant paper, the credit card format that you can easily slip into a wallet or share directly with family and friends. By the way, note that the second version SP-2 exists, but we have not tested it yet.  

    Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Introductory price €149

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