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    Program to convert to PDF

    Program to convert Office documents, web pages, etc. to PDF.

    If you need to convert an Office document, a web page, or any other "printable" document that appears on your computer to PDF, you can use a virtual PDF printer.

    Virtual printers are software that, in fact, are seen by the system as if they were printers and therefore are able to process any printable content: from Office documents to Web pages, from images to presentations.

    The most recent versions of Windows and Mac OS X include virtual PDF printers already “standard”, but there are also third-party software that allow you to implement them where they are not yet available. Read on if you want to know more.

    PDF printer for Windows

    Windows 10 is the first version of the Microsoft operating system to include a default virtual PDF printer. This means that without installing additional software on your PC, you can open any web page or document and turn it into a PDF using the classic print function of the software in use (eg. Chrome if you are viewing an Internet site or Word if you are drafting a document ... even if in reality Word already includes the function to export documents to PDF).

    If you have a PC equipped with Windows 10 and you want to take advantage of the operating system's virtual printer to convert your documents, all you have to do is open the file to be transformed into PDF, invoke the command Print from the menu Fillet and select Microsoft Print to PDF from the list of available printers. That's all!

    Are you using an older version of Windows? No problem. In this case you can contact doPDF, a free virtual printer that can also be used for commercial purposes. To download it to your computer, connect to the official website and click on the button Download now per due turn consecutive.

    A download completo, apri il file dopdf – full.exe just downloaded to your PC, remove the check from the option Install add-in for Microsoft Office to deactivate the installation of the doPDF plugin for Microsoft Office (this is a function you do not need) and first click on Install now and then Yes e Close to conclude the program setup.

    Now you just have to open the file (or web page) to be transformed into PDF and invoke the command print from the menu Fillet. Then select doPDF in the list of available printers and click on the button Print.

    In the window that opens, select the quality in which you want to save the PDF from the appropriate drop-down menu (H for the highest quality, Medium for an intermediate quality e Smallest file for a minimum quality), click on the button KATEGORIEN to choose the folder in which to export the PDF and click on the button OK get your document.

    PDF printer for Mac

    All the most recent versions of OS X can count on a virtual PDF printer included “standard” within the operating system. This means that if you are using a Mac, to convert a web page, a document or any other printable content into PDF, all you have to do is call the function of print from the menu Fillet.

    After that you have to select the item Save as PDF give menu to tendin PDF which is located at the bottom left and you have to choose the folder in which to export the document. That's all!

    Program to convert images to PDF

    Do you need to insert a series of images within a single PDF document? You only need to ask. Here are some program to convert to PDF all major graphic file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF etc.

    XnView MP (Windows / Mac / Linux)

    XnView MP is the latest version of XnView, a historical software for viewing, organizing and editing images. It is completely free (except for commercial purposes, in which case you need to purchase a license) and is compatible with all major computer operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

    To download it on your PC, connected to its official website, scroll down the page and click on the button Zip Win 32 bit if you are using a 32-bit operating system or on the button Zip Win 64 bit if you are using a 64-bit operating system. In this way you will get the portable edition version of the software for Windows, which does not need to be installed in order to work. If you are using a Mac, instead of the “Zip Win xx bit” button, you have to click on the button 64-bit OSX.

    When the download is complete, open the zip package you just downloaded on your PC (we're talking about Windows), extract the contents to any folder and start the executable xnviewmp.exe. Nella finestra che si apre, click on your button OK and go to the menu Create> Multipage File to start creating your PDF document.

    A window will open in which you will have to insert all the images to include in your PDF. Then click on the button Add and select the files of your interest, or drag them directly into the XnView MP window. When done, use the arrows placed on the right to arrange the images in the order you prefer. Then select the item Portable Document Format from the drop-down menu located at the bottom right, press the button (...) to select the folder in which to save the final PDF, type the name you want to assign to the file in the text field File name and click sul bottone OK to start exporting the document.

    On operating systems other than Windows, the software works similarly. Only the installation procedure changes. For example, on Mac you have to drag XnView MP in the folder Applications of OS X and start the program by right clicking on its icon and selecting the item apri give the menu check if you press.

    Please note: if you want to create a PDF file starting from multi-page graphic files, for example a TIFF file comprising several pages, put the check mark next to the item Insert all pages from multipage files originally before starting the export of your PDF.

    Preview (Mac)

    If you are using a Mac you can transform JPG, PNG, GIF and other types of graphic files to PDF using Preview, the default software for viewing photos and PDFs of OS X.

    All you have to do is open the first photo to insert in the PDF, activate the option Miniature from the menu Vista (top) and drag the rest of the images to insert in the PDF into the bar that appears on the side, in the Preview window.

    When done, arrange the thumbnails of the images in the order you want to be kept in the final document. Then it calls the command of print from the menu Fillet, select the voice Save as PDF give menu to tendin PDF located at the bottom left and choose the folder in which to save your document.

    Online services to convert to PDF

    In conclusion, I would like to point out a couple of online services that allow you to convert Office documents, images and other types of files to PDF without installing programs on your computer. They are completely free, work with all the most popular web browsers (eg Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) and protect the privacy of users by automatically deleting, a few hours after uploading, all the files that are uploaded to their servers. What are you waiting for to try them?


    A great web service dedicated entirely to PDFs, which I highly recommend you try, is Online2PDF. Unlike SmallPDF, it has an upload limit: it allows you to upload a maximum of 20 files for a total weight of 100MB, but it is full of interesting features. It allows you to obtain PDF documents starting from all major graphic file formats, from Office documents and also from OpenOffice / LibreOffice files and supports the merging of multiple files into a single PDF document.

    To use it, linked to its main page and drag the files to convert to PDF in the red box at the bottom. Then select the item Convert files separately o Merge files give menu to tendin modality (depending on whether you want to convert the files into many PDFs or into a single PDF) and click on the button Converted to get your document.

    Program to convert to PDF

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