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    Ring Video Doorbell Wired, an affordable connected doorbell

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    Ring's catalog of connected solutions continues to grow. This week, the Amazon subsidiary is launching its Ring Video Doorbell Wired; a connected doorbell at a very affordable price since it is launched at 59 €.

    Ring Video Doorbell Wired Prix de lancement 59 €

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    With its new Video Doorbell Wired, Ring wants to democratize the use of connected doorbells. Available next May at €59, this entry-level video intercom is technically very similar to the manufacturer's existing and more expensive models such as the Video Doorbell 3.

    The Video Doorbell Wired has a lens that can shoot in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) over a field of vision of 155° horizontally, supported by an infrared mode. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi (2,4 GHz). From the Ring Always Home application, it is possible to create customizable detection zones to be alerted, by a notification, if an activity is detected in this perimeter.

    The Ring Video Doorbell Wired connected doorbell is compatible with Amazon Alexa. © Ring

    Like the brand's other connected doorbells, the Video Doorbell Wired does not have a microSD port to store its images. If you want to store them on the manufacturer's cloud, you have to subscribe to a paid subscription, from €3 per month or €30 per year. The subscription also gives access to advanced features such as person detection to be informed only if an individual passes in front of the lens; this function is rather practical so as not to be overwhelmed with notifications. Remember that without a subscription, only alert notifications and the live video stream are available to the user. The Powergiant Wireless Video Doorbell, for its part, does not require any cloud subscription to offer all these features.

    What sets the Video Doorbell Wired apart from its predecessors is that it is not battery powered, so it must be electrically wired. In this, it is also less bulky than its elders.

    Launched at €59, this new doorbell will join the Ring catalog next May; this will be an opportunity to check if it has everything good value for money.

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