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    See the IPs connected to the Wi-Fi network from Android or iPhone

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    Wi-Fi networks allow us to connect to the internet from anywhere, without particular configurations. Such ease, however, makes everyone very exposed on networks, potentially vulnerable to hackers and onlookers who can exploit our ingenuity to capture data and information stored on our computer or smartphone.
    Fortunately, today, the most important chat and message applications such as WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, so they cannot be intercepted. From another point of view it can be interesting check and view IP addresses and other data on devices connected in a network.
    This check can be carried out for many reasons, for example just out of curiosity to see who uses the public Wi-Fi network of a bar or restaurant or to find out if someone steals our Wi-Fi connection at home.

    In the following guide we will show you the best app to check the IP addresses and devices connected in a Wi-Fi network, usable both on Android smartphones and tablets or but also on Apple-branded devices (iPhone and iPad).

    1) Fing

    The first app that we can use for detecting every computer, phone or tablet connected in a network is definitely Fing, available free for Android and iPhone.

    After installing the application, start it and start scanning all devices currently connected to the same Wi-Fi network. The list of names also displays the assigned IP addresses and by tapping on each element you can also check the active services and other information such as the MAC address. In case you want to block the access of a device to our Wi-Fi network, then you can use the Mac Address to block it on the router.

    2) Wi-Fi Inspector (Android)

    Another interesting application similar to Fing but only available for Android is Wi-Fi Inspector.

    Using this app we will have a simple tool to see all the devices connected to the network, thus checking the IP address, the name of the device, the Mac Address generated and the manufacturer of the computer or smartphone identified, so as to be able to block it via modem.

    3) IP Tools

    IP Tools: Network utilities is a powerful app downloadable in two different versions for Android and for iPhone / iPad.

    IP Tools allows you to go even deeper into the connected Wi-Fi network and really discover everything possible (without invading the privacy of others or doing hacker operations). In particular, in addition to being able to see the IP addresses connected to the wireless network from the smartphone, it is also possible to scan the LAN king in order to discover everything connected, even routers or home devices. Furthermore, from the section of network connections, it is also possible to monitor the devices connected to our hotspot.

    For example, it is possible to activate the hotspot function on Android or the hotspot on the iPhone, leave the Wi-Fi network without a password to turn the mobile phone into a free router and let others connect to us. With IP Tools you can find out who uses our hotspot and find out with which device.

    4) Network Analyzer (iPhone)

    An IP scanning app dedicated only to Apple devices is Network Analyzer, which we can download for free from the Apple App Store.

    The app is really very complete and allows you to analyze all the IP addresses on the same network, find out the information on the modem or access point to which we are connected, ping the network and also obtain the IP address of the device Apple in use, so you can immediately use it on apps or programs that need this information.

    5) zAnti (Android)

    zAnti is an Android-only app that offers far more advanced features than the apps we've seen so far.

    zAnti allows you to check each parameter of the connection of others in a Wi-Fi network or spy on it, check how many devices are connected to the same network and the vulnerabilities present, so as to be able to perform security tests. zAnti is an application for check network security and simulate hacker attacks which only works on Android smartphones with root permissions unlocked; if we don't have root we can get it by reading the su guide how to Root Android to unlock your mobile.


    The apps seen in the guide above will allow us to always keep an eye on the home or office Wi-Fi network, identifying all connected PCs and mobile devices and also identifying the intruders and freeloaders of our connection.
    If we find some scrounger on the network or a device that shouldn't be there, the best strategy is to unplug the modem immediately, wait a few minutes and reconnect it, performing all the necessary steps to change the password to access the Wi-Fi, following the instructions in our guides for enter the router in a simple way and for change the Wi-Fi password on the most used modems (TIM, Fastweb, Vodafone etc.).
    To increase the security of your Wi-Fi connection, please follow all the steps described in our guide for protect the network from intrusion, eavesdropping and espionage.

    See the IPs connected to the Wi-Fi network from Android or iPhone

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