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    Spotify: you can now listen to the same music remotely with your loved ones

    Spotify: you can now listen to the same music remotely with your loved ones

    Spotify is launching a new feature that will come in handy for many users in this time of social distancing. You will be able to listen to the same music in real time with your friends or relatives even from a distance.

    After changing your look a few weeks ago, Spotify launches a new feature for premium users. It allows you to listen to group playlists in real time and remotely. Coronavirus is forcing, companies offering digital services are stepping up initiatives to help their users around the world to better experience this period of social distancing.

    Spain is certainly entering a period of deconfinement, but it will still take time to find all the old habits and thousands of people will prefer to stay at home as much as possible. Do you have your partner, a friend or relatives with whom you share the same musical tastes, but are separated by distance?

    Thanks to « Group Sessions », of Spotify, break the limits imposed by the miles that separate you. Concretely, you can create or choose a playlist then invite friends to join it. They will have the same controls on the playlist: choose a song, add titles, pause, modify the waiting list, etc.

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    Spotify does not specify the limit on the number of people who can participate in a session. We can therefore assume that it is theoretically unrestricted. On the other hand, the functionality in question is in its infancy and is only available in beta version. You must also be a premium subscriber to benefit from it. If you are, update the app on your smartphone.

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