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    [Tutorial] How to Install Adobe Flash Player on Android

    Even though we had topics that already talked about it, we thought it commendable to share a tutorial to help you install Adobe Flash Player on Android, which, moreover, is not only limited to Android 4.2, but indeed compatible from Android 4.0.

    For more than a year now, Adobe has completely stopped development of Flash Player on Android. But it is still possible to install it from the official site. As a reminder, the Adobe Flash Player plugin is compatible from Android 4.0 up to Android 4.2.2.

    When we talk about compatibility, we must know that the Adobe Flash Player plugin will be compatible with a browser on any device, but will not be on the other with the same browser. For example, Flash Player is compatible with the basic browser on the Galaxy Nexus, whereas it is not at all compatible with the basic one installed on the Galaxy S4.


    Be aware that installing this application is at your own risk, as it has not been updated since August 2012. Clearly, there may be some security vulnerabilities.

    Now we will move on to the installation procedure:

    • First, open Settings, then Security
    • In the Device Management section, simply check “Unknown Sources” (*)
      (* so that the device accepts installation outside of Google Play)
    • Therefore, download the plugin from the official Adobe website
    • Finally, install it directly on your device (*)
      (*if ever you can no longer find the application being downloaded, restart the installation from the "Download" application or from your File Manager)

    Note: it is very likely that you will need to try several browsers before you find that it is indeed functional on your smartphone (example on Galaxy S4: the plugin does not work on the default browser, when it is effective on the included default browser to other devices). Last point: the Chrome browser is not compatible, regardless of the device.

    If you have a device based on a version of Android prior to Android 4.0, you can also install it from one of the links available on Adobe.

    For more information, do not hesitate to exchange in the comments.

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