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    Tutorial – Stream your PS4 games to an iOS device

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      Already possible on PC, PS Vita and Android, PS4 Remote Play recently arrived on iOS. Playing Read Dead Redemption 2 or God of War on an iPhone or iPad is now possible. We explain how to do it.

      Stream all content from your PlayStation 4 is now possible on an iPad or iPhone, but there are still some restrictions. First of all, your device must run at least with version 12.1 of iOS. To check this, go to "Settings", "General", then "Information". If you are not in "12.1", a small tour in "Software update" should fix this. Note that Sony recommends using at least an iPhone 7, a 6th generation iPad or a second generation iPad Pro. In short, if you bought your iOS device after 2016, you are in the nails.

      On the PlayStation 4 side, the only requirement is that your console be as up-to-date as possible. You need the software version of the PS4 to be at least 6.5.0. To check if the latest update is available, go to "Settings", then "System Software Update".

      Once all these checks have been made, you will be able to go to the Apple app-store and download the "PS4 Remote Play" application for free. Very easy to use, the latter requires you to log in to the same PlayStation Network account as the one used on your console. 

      Once the e-mail address and password have been entered, you will be able to launch the search for the console on the network. Locally, make sure you are on the same Wi-Fi network. You can also manually add a console, by going – on the PS4 side – to “Settings”, “Remote Play Connection Settings”. From here, choose "Add Device". The code that will then be displayed must be entered on the iOS app, choosing "Manual registration" during the search.

      After a few seconds, your PlayStation 4 menu should appear on the iPad or iPhone, while also being visible on your TV. The advantage here is that the console can go into "rest" mode and still be usable on your iOS device. By default, the PS4 Remote Play app features virtual controls which, let's face it, are far from optimal. Everything is displayed superimposed on the screen when the smartphone or tablet is horizontal, or on a black background vertically.


      It must still be recognized that playing with these touch controls is anything but intuitive and it will clearly be necessary to connect a controller to take full advantage of them. Be aware, however, that the Dualshock 4 pad of the PS4 is not compatible with iOS, but that there is a roundabout way to use it, with however a certain latency in the reactivity. The method requires the creation of a second PlayStation Network account and is detailed in the video below.

      If you want to enjoy it with peace of mind, we recommend that you invest in a controller certified "MFi" (Made For iPhone"), which should guarantee good compatibility. You can also take a look at our comparison on the controllers for smartphones and tablets.

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