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    ViaNavigo: how to buy a ticket or recharge the Navigo pass with your smartphone?

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    Now that the service for purchasing transport tickets and reloading Navigo cards is available on Android smartphones, it's time to explain the procedure to you. Don't worry, it's not that complicated.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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    How the price table works

    Île-de-Espagne Mobilités therefore unveiled this morning its dematerialized system for the purchase and reloading of your transport tickets. A service developed for three years already and which will have taken its time before seeing the light of day. Although it is not yet complete, most of the functions are already present. We explain how to buy a pass and recharge your Navigo or, quite simply, get tickets quickly using your mobile.

    Path to follow

    Armed with your phone, start by downloading the ViaNavigo app from the Google Play Store . It now includes a Purchase icon which suggests that this is the place to tap to start the purchase and reload process. Then, if you only have an Android smartphone without being specifically with Samsung or Orange/Sosh for your plan, you can only top up your Navigo card — which is already good since it saves you having to do it by station or metro station.

    You should then tap on the On my Navigo pass block, then place your card on the back and upper part of your phone. Attention, only the two most recent Navigo will be recognized (the gray and purple as well as the black and blue). The first model will not work: it will be necessary to think of changing it, unfortunately.

    The next screen shows you the title available in the pass and invites you directly to buy a new one: day/week/month. Once the plan has been chosen and the payment made, all you have to do is replace your Navigo, wait 2 seconds. Hop, your new month can start serenely.

    Example of the purchase path to recharge your Navigo card.

    To buy a title directly on your mobile, it will need to be a recent Samsung or that you have a SIM card from Orange or Sosh, NFC compatible. You will then be able to access the first block called On my phone. Click on the Buy a title button and you are on a page presenting all the available titles. Book of T+ tickets, RoissyBus or OrlyBus ticket and, finally, Navigo pass. The purchase process is substantially the same as that of the first option, except that once your purchase has been validated, the ticket is stored in your phone. This becomes your new Navigo card or your new ticket.

    How to load your ticket on your smartphone?️? ? Open your #Vianavigo app, and let yourself be guided ⬇️

    – IDF Mobilites (@IDFmobilites) September 25, 2019

    We regret all the same that all the services are not available at launch, in particular Orlyval. However, we must emphasize the practicality of the process which only takes a minute in all and for all, between the moment you enter the app and the moment your Navigo pass is loaded and functional. For the simple purchase of securities, this duration is slightly reduced. Finally, within two months, you will be able to free yourself from the ViaNavigo app and go directly to the apps of the various operators (RATP, SNCF and Transdev), which should greatly facilitate the act of purchase.

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