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    What to do when deleting a file by mistake

    Have you deleted a file by mistake? Here are some useful tips to recover it.

    The files on a storage medium, such as a hard disk, occupy a specific space on the hard disk. When a file is deleted by mistake, the occupied space is not removed, but is marked as overwritable space. As soon as a new document is downloaded or a new file is created, the space previously allocated by the deleted document is overwritten.

    The overwriting process causes the loss of the deleted file For error. Let's see what not to do after accidentally deleting a document, so as to prevent further damage.

    The first thing not to do is to use the memory media to download and create new files. New documents could easily overwrite the deleted file, losing the ability to recover it. So try not to use media to create new files.

    Instead, it is advisable to establish when the file was deleted, to identify a precise and defined time interval. It is also preferable to search for the file on the device, to check that it has really been deleted. Finally, you can check any automatic backups to restore the file quickly.

    Another important tip is not to panic. In situations like these, that is, when you delete an important file by mistake, it is advisable not to take rash actions that could compromise the recovery of the document. It often happens to download and install software at random to be able to recover files. However, on many occasions these software prove to be ineffective, and some may even cause other damage.

    Instead of downloading an unreliable program, you can check out some of the best data recovery software we've covered in previous articles. If the document you want to recover was deleted from the recycle bin, it can still be restored with valid software.

    What to do when deleting an important file: conclusions

    If all of the above suggestions weren't enough to get your file back, you always can rely on . Using the most advanced technologies and software in the data recovery industry, we can restore deleted files and deleted data from any storage medium.

    Not only from hard drives, but also from SSDs, memory cards, smartphones, tablets. In fact, it can often happen to delete a file by mistake even from your mobile device, for example by touching a button and deleting folders, videos and photos taken with the smartphone. This type of inadvertent deletion is among the more frequent problems, and can act with all the necessary tools to recover the file.

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