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Have you tried to install WhatsApp on your iPad but can't find it in the App Store? Nothing strange. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is only available on smartphones and its use as a tablet is not yet officially supported. However, with some little tricks you can still succeed in the enterprise and thus obtain WhatsApp for iPad.

The first trick - if we want to define it that way - is to exploit Web WhatsApp via Safari. WhatsApp Web, in case you don't know, is the online version of WhatsApp that allows you to use the service from any browsing program (except Internet Explorer). If you connect to WhatsApp Web with your iPad and set Safari to display in desktop mode, you will be able to use WhatsApp on iPad without resorting to third-party applications and, above all, without having to unlock the tablet.

A second "trick" to use WhatsApp for iPad is to resort to the use of some special ones third-party app available on the App Store that replicate the WhatsApp Web experience in a separate screen from that of Safari or the browser you generally use to surf the net from your Apple-branded tablet. It is a solution that is as simple as it is convenient!

And if what I have just indicated should seem to you solutions, as if to say, a little too limited, and if you are a device who is spending a few more minutes of your time, you could seriously consider the path of jailbreak. If you have an iPad equipped with iOS 7.0 or higher (any model), an iPhone with WhatsApp Messenger installed and a lot of free time and patience, you can transfer the application to your tablet through the jailbreak, the known procedure for unlock Apple devices. The process is a bit cumbersome - I warn you -, and it is long enough to complete, but if you want to have a "complete" WhatsApp on your iPad is the only solution you have at your disposal.

Therefore, try to identify, among those I have just mentioned, the system that you think can do the most for you in order to get WhatsApp for iPad and follow the step-by-step instructions below. I am more than sure that in the end you will be able to tell you satisfied and that in case of need you will also be ready and willing to provide all the necessary explanations to your friends in need of receiving similar tips. Let it bet?

WhatsApp for iPad with WhatsApp Web

The simplest method to use WhatsApp on the iPad, I have already told you, is to resort to WhatsApp Web. This service - as I also explained to you in my tutorial on WhatsApp for PC - is completely free, does not require special configurations but has a big limitation: it only works if the mobile phone on which WhatsApp is installed is turned on and connected to the Internet.

To use WhatsApp Web on your iPad, open Safari, connected to the web.whatsapp.com address and activate the display in desktop mode by pressing the blue arrow located at the top by selecting the icon Request desktop site present in the box that appears (you have to scroll the list with the black and white icons to the right to see it).

Once the WhatsApp Web home screen appears, make sure there is a check mark next to the item Resta connected and scan the QR code displayed on the iPad screen with your mobile phone, using the appropriate WhatsApp function.

If you don't know how to frame a QR code via WhatsApp, don't worry, it's very easy. All you have to do is go to the app settings, select the item Web WhatsApp from the screen that opens and press the button Scan the QR code.

After framing the QR, you should be able to freely use WhatsApp from your iPad. If you want, you can also create a link to WhatsApp Web on the iOS home screen. Just press the icon of blue arrow located at the top right and select the item Add to home from the box that appears.

WhatsApp for iPad with third-party apps

As I have already mentioned to you, WhatsApp can also be used on the iPad by resorting to the use of special applications available on the App Store that replicate the WhatsApp web experience on the Apple tablet but allowing access to it through a separate screen from that of browser and, in some cases, also offering support for notifications and other useful and interesting features.

There are plenty of apps of this type and most of them are free resources (full of ads though!). To find the one that best suits your needs, just tap on the icon App Store present on the home screen, press on the search bar located at the top, type whatsapp in the displayed field and take the button Submit on the on-screen keyboard.

Once this is done you will see a large list of applications appear that allow you to get WhatsApp for iPad. Choose the one that you think will do the most for you by pressing on it and tapping the button first Get e poi quello Install. If you don't know which application to choose, try downloading WhatsPad Messenger for iPad! or Messenger for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for iPad with jailbreak

Before installing WhatsApp for iPad via jailbreak you must check which version of iOS is installed on your device, because each version of the operating system has a different jailbreak software. In any case, do not worry, in most cases it is enough to start a program downloaded from the Internet and press a button: that's all.

To find out which version of iOS is installed on your iPad, press the icon of Settings, go to the section Generali, tap on the item Info of the menu that opens and check the number located next to the wording Version.

Jailbreak for iOS 7

If you use an old iPad with an iOS version between 7.0 and 7.06 you need to download Evasion by connecting to the software website and clicking on the button Download. When the download is complete, open the archive you just downloaded (eg. evasi0n7–1.0.7-OP.zip) and start the file evasi0n7_Setup (1) .exe contained within it to launch the Evasion installation process.

In the window that opens, first click on Accept to accept the conditions of use of the program and then always on Decline to avoid downloading promotional software. Therefore, wait for all the elements necessary for the installation of Evasion to be downloaded to the PC and for the latter to start up completely automatically.

At this point, connect the iPad you want to unlock to the computer and, when Evasion detects it, click on the button jailbreak. If iTunes opens, close it before starting the jailbreak procedure and be careful not to accept iOS update proposals, please.

The terminal unlocking process will go on for a few minutes, until the message appears on the screen To continue, please unlock your device and tap the new “evasion7” icon. At that point, you will have to access the iPad home screen and press the Evasion icon on the Springboard.

After a few more minutes, you will be asked to access your iPad home screen again (via the message To continue, please unlock your device) and the device unlocking procedure will be completed. When the wording appears Done! in Evasion, click on Exit to close the application. On the iPad, however, after disconnecting the device from the computer, you have to wait for the latter to process the jailbreak files. This will take a few seconds, during which you will be shown a white screen with the Evasion logo in the center.

Jailbreak for iOS 8 and iOS 9

If, on the other hand, you are using a version of iOS between 8.1.3 and 8.4 you have to resort to TaiG, a free program that you can download to your PC simply by connecting to the official website and clicking on the button Download TaiG Jailbreak Tool xx - For Win (Or Download TaiG Jailbreak Tool xx - For Mac if you are using a Mac). Once the download is complete, open the archive you just downloaded (eg. TaiGJBreak_EN_2430.zip), extract the contents to any folder and start the program TaiGJBreak_EN_xx.exe. If you are using a Mac, open the dmg file downloaded from the TaiG website and start the application TaiGjailbreak contained in it.

In the window that opens - after connecting the iPad to the computer, putting it in airplane mode and temporarily deactivating the "Find my iPhone" service - you must leave the check active only on the item relating to Cydia and press the green button Home. TaiG will take care of the rest and within a few minutes you will find yourself with the jailbreak tablet active on the tablet.

If you use an iOS version between 8, 8.0.2 and 8.1 or if you use an iPad with a version between iOS 9.0 and iOS 9.1 installed, you can also use PanGu which works very similar to TaiG. I have shown you all the steps to take in my guide on how to jailbreak on iPad.

Please note: On some sites a limited jailbreak procedure is promoted for iOS 9, called semi-jailbreak, which however does not guarantee the functioning of WhatsApp and in addition is paid (at least $ 7 is required to install Cydia). I strongly advise you not to resort to this practice.

Install WhatsApp for jailbroken iPad

After jailbreaking, you're almost ready to install WhatsApp for iPad. To make this possible and bypass the App Store limits, you need to contact Cydia, the alternative store for iOS that can only be used on unlocked devices.

On first launch, Cydia will take a few seconds to organize its files and then ask you what kind of user you are: standard user, hacker o developer. So select the first option and go to the section Search store to search WhatsPad, a small software (technically called tweak) which allows you to unblock the use of WhatsApp on iPad.

Then select the WhatsPad name from the search results and first press the button Install (located at the top right) and then up Confirmation e Restart the Springboard to complete the operation. That's not all.

However, you cannot go to the App Store to install WhatsApp for iPad. You have to extract the application from an iPhone backup and transfer it to the tablet via a free program called iFunBox.

To download iFunBox on your PC, click here to connect to its official website and click on the button first IFunbox Download and then on the button Download placed under the heading iFunbox for Windows (if you use a Windows PC) or under the heading iFunbox for Mac (if you are using a Mac).

When the download is complete, open the file by double clicking on it exe you just downloaded and click on OK and then NEXT. Then put the check mark next to the item I accept the terms of the license agreement and finish the setup by first clicking on NEXT three consecutive times and then on Installend. If you are using a Mac, open the package dmg you downloaded from the iFunBox site and extract the program icon in the folder Applications of OS X. That's all.

You will need the software later. Now go to the folder where the iTunes library files are saved (iTunes MusicMobile Applications) which on Windows is in the path C: User name Music and on Mac it is in the path usersmusic and copy the package to your desktop WhatsApp xxxipa contained in it.

Finally here we are! Connect iPad to computer, start iFunBox and click on the button Install app located on the tab App data management of the program. Then select the WhatsApp ipa package and wait for it to be transferred to the tablet.

When completed, start WhatsApp Messenger from the iPad home screen, type the phone number of your iPhone and press the button end located at the top right. Next, choose whether to restore your iCloud conversations and start using the app normally. You will be able to send and receive messages just like on a smartphone.

If you encounter problems using WhatsApp following the procedure described above, try downloading the .ipa package WhatsApp 2.11.8 from the Internet and install it on your iPhone via iFunBox (after removing the version of the app currently on the phone). Then go to the menu Settings, do tap su Privacypiggy back his Contacts of iOS and disable the synchronization of contacts with WhatsApp.

Once this step has also been completed, start WhatsApp, activate your account using your phone number and close the app. Then connect the iPhone to the computer, launch iFunBox, go to the section User Application program and copy the folders Document e Library on the desktop.

Finally, connect the iPad to the computer, install WhatsApp version 2.11.8 on the latter via iFunBox and replace the folders Document e Library with those previously copied to the desktop.

Once the operation is complete, you should be able to use WhatsApp on your iPad without problems. However, remember to disable the automatic update of the app, otherwise the .ipa package you used will be replaced and the application will no longer work.

Please note: By updating iOS to a new version, the jailbreak will no longer be valid and therefore you will no longer be able to use WhatsApp. Before upgrading, if you care about using WhatsApp on your tablet, make sure there is a tool to jailbreak the current iOS version.

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