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    When you need to delete files forever

    Are you about to sell a device or do you want to renew your business PCs? That's why it's important to delete files forever.

    When you need to delete files forever

    Secure file deletion is a topic of great importance. When you use your PC or smartphone and delete a document, it is not deleted definitively, but memory space is freed to overwrite new information.

    This means that the data deleted, even from the recycle bin, have not yet been completely deleted, but can be recovered with some software easily available on the web, until they are permanently overwritten. It is immediately clear that the ability to recover files can be a serious privacy problem when selling a device such as a smartphone, or when updating computer stations in a company.

    In fact, the data inside smartphones, tablets or PCs can be of great importance, and even if they are deleted they could be recovered by malicious people, violating our privacy.

    In particular, through the use of professional software like Oxygen Forensics, attackers could recover a series of data:

    • Photos, videos
    • SMS, MMS, contacts and emails
    • Whatsapp, Viber and social media conversations
    • Latest calls
    • Password and browsing data
    • GPS positions and more

    For this reason, when you want sell or replace any device, it is essential to permanently delete the files and information inside it through specific software and technologies.

    To eliminate forever a document from Windows, you can use some software that we reviewed in a previous article. Thanks to these programs you can permanently delete and overwrite files, safely removing information and preventing recovery.

    The same goes for smartphones too. They are now used to memorize lots of personal information, such as passwords and important logins. For this reason, files must be permanently deleted. To do this you can use some software for Android.

    When you need to delete files forever

    provides the service of secure deletion, which allows you to permanently remove any file saved on a memory. For hard disks we use the best technology currently available on the market, that is degausser. This is a demagnetization of the media, which eliminates the magnetic charge from the device, destroying the files forever.

    After doing this, you no longer have a chance to recover files. The hard disk is subjected to a strong magnetic field which deletes files in seconds and renders the device unusable.

    Please note that in your country, the privacy law (Legislative Decree 196/2003) and the provision of the Privacy Guarantor of 13 October 2008 (GU nr. 287, 9 December 2008) require you to delete the data from the devices that must be disposed of. Deletion can be done via software or through the demagnetizzazione, much more practical and faster.

    When you need to delete files forever: conclusions

    Now that you know the reasons and situations in which it is necessary delete documents permanently, you can turn to to permanently delete files from hard drives, smartphones, tablets and any other device with memory support.

    This way you can rest assured that your files can no longer be recovered and you will not have to fear for your privacy.

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