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    Why it is important to monitor the temperature of the hard disk

    Have you ever checked the hard drive temperature? Here's why you should do it.

    The hard disk is a delicate component, which can be damaged even by a simple fall. Inside there are mechanical components which can break, such as the heads, scratching the surface of the disc and compromising the data inside.

    Not only drops, but also a high operating temperature can damage the hard drive, causing problems and sudden blocks. Fortunately, there are special sensors that allow you to monitor temperatures, and it is possible to lower them with cooling systems.

    The following are indicated 3 reasons valid to keep under control the temperature of the hard disk.

    1. Prevent disk blocking

    HDD overheating is a major concern causes of crash and system crashes. Currently on the market there are hard disks with various speeds, 5400 RPM, 7200 RPM and 10000 RPM. As the rotation speed increases, there is greater performance in reading and writing, but also the heat emanating from the device increases.

    If the temperature reaches high values, the hard disk it can be damaged compromising your data. A disk that often suffers from overheating and a high temperature change, can crash and cause sudden system crashes. By controlling the temperature you avoid sudden freezes and data loss.

    2. Save the repair

    When it is too late and the hard drive has been damaged by the high working temperatures, if not has a backup one should contact a data recovery company to attempt to rescue the lost information.

    Obviously, the repair has a cost, which can vary depending on the damage suffered by the hard disk. Keeping the disc operating temperature under control is important to avoid damage, saving repairs and time.

    3. Improve system stability and PC performance

    If you use the PC for several hours continuously, the hard disk temperatures can increase considerably, especially if you perform several reading and writing. If the hard drive experiences a sharp rise in temperatures, performance may drop, causing the overall system to slow down.

    In the summer, the high ambient temperatures can cause a further rise in degrees. So it is even more important to keep an eye on the hard disk status.

    To monitor temperatures you can use free software that allow you to check a lot of information. To lower temperatures, you can use fans to improve the airflow inside the PC.

    Why cool the hard drive: conclusions

    Check and maintain temperatura dell’hard disk on acceptable values ​​is good advice to avoid damage and data loss. If your hard drive has been damaged as a result of high usage temperatures, you can contact us for advice.

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