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    Why Lidl is reorganizing the orders of the Monsieur Cuisine Connect

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    The stock of Monsieur Cuisine Connect, Lidl's robot cooker, having sold out in two short hours upon its release, the manufacturer is now overwhelmed with orders and finds itself forced to reorganize its databases.

    Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine Connect

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    It's hard to miss the Monsieur Cuisine Connect phenomenon, Lidl's star cooker sold since June 3. The manufacturer quickly found itself overwhelmed by the demand for its robot, as evidenced by the videos of customers jumping on the copies available at points of sale.

    In barely two hours, the stock of robot cookers had been sold out (each customer could then acquire up to five appliances) and latecomers, or the most unlucky, could only order their Cuisine Connect through several channels: store, by email or by telephone on the manufacturer's hotline. Lidl then told us that the order of anyone on these waiting lists would be automatically honoured. 

    However, things have changed since then. Customers who “reserved” their Lidl food processor recently received an email or SMS from the brand explaining that to facilitate the reservation, they had to “confirm (their) request using a contact form available on our Lidl website”. 

    The email sent by Lidl to customers.

    Returned to the site, the form asks to fill in name, first name, address, telephone number, but also the store in which you wish to collect your package. 

    Capture of the questionnaire to be completed on the Lidl website.

    This email nevertheless raises many questions. Will any request made beforehand be honored? What about people who have reserved several machines? Does Lidl have enough food processors in stock to meet demand? Is this a way for Lidl to rationalize a phenomenon which, obviously, has been underestimated by the distributor? Contacted by TechnologiesTips, the Executive Director of Purchasing and Marketing Spain of Lidl Spain kindly answered some of these questions. 

    “It's a simple matter of optimization”, explains Michel Biero who wants to be reassuring. The orders having been made via several channels (shops, email, telephone), some people have made several by multiplying said channels, he adds. “If we ask users to fill out this new form, it is for the simple and good reason that we want to gather all the data to clearly identify each request”, he justifies. In short, if you wish to receive your Monsieur Cuisine Connect, you must complete this questionnaire. Once it has been sent, the future owner will receive an SMS when his robot is available in his store. Which means that all old pre-orders will be purely and simply overwritten by the distributor. Finally, this form must be completed before June 25...You have been warned!

    On the other hand, it should be noted that while it was possible to obtain up to five Silvercrest food processors per person in stores, only one device is offered per customer online. So that changes things. A way no doubt to limit resales on the sly on Leboncoin…

    However, Michel Biero's answers on the optimization of databases do not allow us to lift the veil on the real state of available stocks. It is clear that this new form request will undoubtedly allow Lidl to “reduce the airfoil”. Between the multiple pre-orders canceled and the customers who will miss the email, or who will simply not answer it, the number of food processors sold could be reduced. A regional director had however declared to Digital that he could call on stocks from neighboring countries… 

    According to Michel Biero, “users will have no trouble filling out this form which only takes a few minutes”, which implies that Lidl expects to have to manage a substantially equivalent request. Case to follow!

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