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    Windows 10: how to disable the lock screen

    Windows 10: how to disable the lock screen

    In this article, you are shown the steps to disable the lock screen in Windows 10 which is not to be confused with the start screen. This is the screen that appears first when you start your PC or wake up from sleep. If like many other users you want to deactivate it, there is no option in Windows 10 to do so. But with the hack, nothing is impossible.

    From Windows 8 to Windows 10, Microsoft's operating system has been optimized for use on both conventional PCs and touch screens. If you don't own a hybrid laptop, there are probably features that you find unnecessary or even annoying. For some users, the lock screen or lockscreen in English is one of them.

    Remove Lock Screen on Windows 10

    The lock screen appears as a large image that appears each time you start your computer or wake it from sleep mode. You have to click on it or press a key on the keyboard before you see the start screen where you have to enter your password. On touch screens, it is enough to perform a swipe gesture, as is the case on Android smartphones on which no password or authentication method is set by default.

    Disable Lock Screen on Windows 10 does not therefore mean that it will not be necessary to enter a password to access the contents of the PC. The startup screen where you choose a user account is always displayed. You only save a few seconds or more because it can sometimes happen that the PC remains frozen for a moment on the lock screen, despite frantic presses on the keys of the keyboard.

    To remove the lock screen in Windows 10, nothing could be simpler. Just rename the folder Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy which is located at C:WindowsSystemApps. If at any time you wish to restore it, you will only have to put the initial name back on the file. This is why to make things easier, care must be taken to rename it in such a way that you can easily restore the original name. Example: Microsoft.LockApp_cw5n1h2txyewy-disabled.

    For the first version of Windows 10, ie the one before the anniversary update, the modification process is different and a little more complicated. You have to modify the registry.

    • Type regedit in the Cortana search bar then validate
    • Follow the following path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft> Windows. Click on Personalization. If the key is not in the Windows drop-down list, create it by going to the Edit menu at the top, then New > Key. You must name the new key Personalization
    • Return to Edit > New > 32-Bit DWORD Value (regardless of the version of your system, i.e. whether it is 32 or 64 bits)
    • Rename the value  NoLockScreen and double click on it
    • Enter 1 in the field Value data and validate

    That's it. Now the lock screen will no longer show up when waking up from sleep. You will enter the password directly. We also invite you to read our tutorial to find out how to automatically lock your PC screen when you walk away. This is useful when you forget to do this. Your computer thus remains, in all cases, protected against indiscreet persons.

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