Windows 10: keyboard shortcuts to know

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The essential Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts are here. Discover them to become a real pro and boost your productivity!

Are you going to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or have you just done so? If you've just arrived on Microsoft's latest operating system and you're a little lost or just want to learn more, here's the list of the top keyboard shortcuts you should know. Enough to quickly exploit all the features and possibilities offered by this OS, and above all something to significantly boost your productivity! The list doesn't pretend to be exhaustive and if you know of any other handy keyboard shortcuts, feel free to share them in the comments!

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts to know
Windows+A Open the action center
Windows + C Open Cortana
Windows + D Show or hide the desktop
Windows + MAJ + D Show / hide date and time on the desktop
Windows + E Open File Explorer
Windows + F Open the Feedback Hub and take a screenshot
Windows + G Open the game bar when a game is open
Windows+H Open the sharing window
Windows + I Open settings
Windows + J When a Windows tip pops up, focus on it
Windows + K Open the Connect quick action
Windows + L Lock your PC or switch accounts
Windows + P Choose a display mode
Windows + S Start the search tool
Windows + V Open clipboard
Windows + Z View the commands available in an app in full screen mode
Windows + Comma Temporarily display the desktop in transparency
Windows + Arrows Allows you to display the window on the left, on the right, to minimize it or to make it full screen
Windows + Enter Opening and closing of the narrator who will dictate to you everything he sees on the screen
Windows + Screen Print Take a capture and save it in the screenshot folder
Windows + SHIFT + S Take a screenshot
Windows + MAY + V Browse notifications
Windows + SHIFT + Arrow Stretch the window up or minimize it at the bottom of the screen
Windows + Cipher Open the app pinned to the taskbar with the number corresponding to its position
Windows+CTRL+D Add a virtual office
Windows + CTRL + Q Open Quick Assistance
Windows + CTRL + Left or Right Arrows Switch between virtual desktops
Windows + TAB Open the task view
Alt+TAB Switch between open apps
CTRL + Alt + TAB See open applications
CTRL + Shift + Esc Open the task manager

If you are looking for other tips, you can find here how to control your Android smartphone by voice from Windows 10 or even prevent Microsoft from using your bandwidth without your knowledge by disabling this option.

Again, feel free to let us know in the comments if you've discovered any other keyboard shortcuts that have changed your life. With this list, you already have plenty to do!

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