Windows Movie Maker and MOD, MOV and VOB files

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Windows Movie Maker does not recognize MOD, MOV and VOB files.

Some info first

A MOD, MOV or VOB file is a container file.

  • The MOD file (proprietary format) contains Mpeg2.
  • The MOV (QuictTime) file can contain different video formats including DV-AVI, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Divx.
  • The VOB file (DVD) contains Mpeg2.


Check the video format (and its codec) contained in the container file with MediaInfo.
A container file does not convert, it is the content that undergoes encoding or transcoding.
To be recognized by Movie Maker, if the video format is Mpeg2, (this will be the majority of cases) no conversion is necessary, just change the extension to .mpg
mov0001.MOD => mov0001.mpg
xxxxx.MOV => xxxxx.mpg
VTS_01_1.VOB => VTS_01_1.mpg

If the video format is not supported by Movie Maker, then it needs to be converted (transcoded)

  • The Super software makes it possible to carry out this conversion. Adjust the parameters:

for the video:

  • Outpout Container : AVI ou MPG
  • Output video codec: Mpeg2
  • Video Scale Size: No change (the resolution must be 720x576 in PAL)
  • Aspect : 4:3
  • Frame /sec : 25 (PAL) ou 30 (NTSC)
  • Bitrate kbps: 8160

For audio:

  • Sampling freq : 44100
  • Channels: 2
  • Bitrate kbps : 256
  • Proceed with encoding. After encoding, import the resulting file into Movie Maker.

It now remains to make the assembly under the usual conditions.

Attention, in the case of a MOV file containing Mpeg4, it is better not to convert to Mpeg2. This would result in a loss of image quality.

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