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    YouTube finally allows you to adjust the quality of the videos by default

    YouTube finally allows Internet users to define the quality of videos by default. Promised for months, a new beta option lets users set the quality of footage to high, low or automatic by going directly to settings.

    During the containment measures last March, YouTube agreed to restrict the quality of its videos everywhere in the world so as not to saturate the Internet. The platform therefore displayed by default all videos broadcast around the world at a standard quality of 480p for several weeks. Following this experience, YouTube realized that many users want to set the display quality by default themselves of all videos.

    Currently, it is not possible to change the display definition of all videos. YouTube only allows Internet users to change the display quality once the video has already started. By default, YouTube automatically adjusts the display quality of content itself based on your Internet connection. If you have a quality network, YouTube will go for a high resolution (1080p). If not, the platform will choose 480p instead. To obtain content in another quality, Internet users are invited to manually select the desired resolution.

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    YouTube lets you choose between 3 display options

    A few months ago, YouTube promised to allow internet users to change the default display quality. The option then appeared in the APK code of the Android beta application. As reported by our colleagues from Android Police, this novelty has now been implemented in the stable version of the application. However, the option is still displayed in beta. This is therefore a first phase of small-scale testing before deployment around the world.

    Either way, the option can be accessed in the Android app settings just below the Autoplay section. The platform leaves the choice between automatic, better image quality and data saver. Automatic mode relies on the performance of your Internet network to choose the display quality. What do you think of these changes? We await your opinion in the comments.

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