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    10 Angry Birds-like games with catapults and castles to destroy

      Sometimes the video game market is rather strange, the most played, downloaded and bought game of 2010 and what more did he talk about himself becoming a craze is Angry Birds, a videogame playable by touschreen smartphones such as the iPhone, a Samsung or Xiaomi Android or a Nokia Symbian and on the iPad. It is actually a very simple game where you have to throw a bird at a building to be destroyed. The nice thing is that, on the touscreen screen, you use your finger to pull the slingshot more or less hard, directing the shot.

      Therefore, given the enormous success of this type of games, let's see some of the best free and online destruction games similar to Angry Birds, with some clones where there are no birds but catapults. The peculiarity that makes this game interesting and fun is the physics and the movement of the objects hit, which fall exactly as they would in reality.

      1) Blosics 2 is a game with very simple graphics, where with the mouse you launch a ball and you have to destroy all the blocks on the other side of the screen within a few seconds that scroll across the screen. NewsGround Player is required to play.

      2) Crazy Brids is the truth clone of Angry Birds to play online on your computer. Here too there is a slingshot with which a bird is thrown, given strength with the mouse and thrown at a castle. The goal is to destroy the castle and destroy all the soldiers present, completing all the increasingly difficult levels.

      3) Castle Siege is an online castle destruction game where the soldiers fall inside, where the ball is not thrown from a side position, but from the front, as if we were throwing it ourselves.

      4) Far Delivery Food is always a catapult game, very nice and all online on the browser, where you have to throw the fruit in the lady's basket.

      5) Sieger it is still the castle to be destroyed but, this time, the launch does not come from the left but from the front; it's like throwing a stone with your hands at the screen. The aim of the game is always to destroy the entire castle by making it collapse.

      6) SheepFly it is a bit different game than Angry Birds and clones, but you will certainly like it a lot for its nice and funny graphics. It is a throwing of the sheep with the catapult, to get it as far as possible.

      7) Extreme Catapult it is still different because it is not the kind of destruction but the type of the longest throw of which there are many variations online. I can assure you it will make you die of laughter but I don't want to anticipate anything.

      8) Furniture Catapult is another game that will make you laugh, especially for the sound effects. The aim of the game is to bring the furniture back into the house by launching it with the catapult from the outside ...

      9) Angry Animals it is a clone of Angry Birds that uses the same cartoon graphics, always with the aim of destroying, through a catapult, the castle or the enemy building. You can play it by installing the Supernova player plugin

      10 ) Angry Aliens is another online clone of Angry Birds, virtually identical, only instead of birds there are aliens. You can play it by installing the Supernova player plugin.

      In an article last year there are then other 5 games where you have to throw down the castle with the catapult as evidence of the fact that, perhaps, many of these are not clones of Angry Birds, if anything it is the opposite ...

      10 Angry Birds-like games with catapults and castles to destroy

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