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    25 best FPS shooter games for PC for free

      25 best FPS shooter games for PC for free First-person (FPS) and third-person (TPS) shooter games they are the funniest ones, because they are almost entirely focused on action and gun combat.
      The player sees the events directly through the eyes of the protagonist giving the feeling of living the battle seriously.
      Some paid FPS games are crazy for how beautiful and realistic they are like, for example, Call of Duty or the recent Rainbow Six Siege.
      There are also free shooters high level, which they are played online in multiplayer games on the Windows PC and in some cases, even on Mac and Linux.
      In this article we make one collection of links to free download the best FPS shooter games ever, multiplayer, for PC for free.
      All the games listed here are free to play, although in some cases there may be small limitations, which should not affect the scores and chances of winning with anyone anyway.

      1) Call Of Duty Warzone gratis per PC is the best multiplayer shooter of 2020, with the brutality of the Call Of Duty series and the Battle Royale game mode to fight against other players, up to 150 all together.

      2) Apex Legends is EA's Battle Royale game, an extraordinary success with the public especially because it is free. In Apex Legends it is very important to create teams and collaborate with the theme in order to bring home victory.

      1) Warface is a free, multiplayer, FPS game for Windows that takes place in the snowy mountains. The game is beautiful, very fast and among the most played free to play on Steam.

      2) Half Life 2 is free for PC with Sven Co-Op, multiplayer and renewed.

      3) Fortnite is one of the best shooters that can be downloaded and played for free, in third person with free-for-all battles in open field.

      4) Paladins is a shooter game among the best ever, all multiplayer, with very accurate and colorful graphics, and fantasy ambinetation.

      5) Destiny 2, the most played free-to-play game on Steam for Windows, futuristic with very innovative graphics, advanced weapons, armor, and many customizable details. Players use an armored suit and a visor that looks through walls to find enemies and take them down. Destiny 2 is a fairly recent title that can certainly be included among the best games in this category, in first person, to download and play for free on PC.
      Destiny 2 had already been mentioned in the list of best free multiplayer games for PC, Playstation and XBox.

      6) Crysis Wreckage is a free version of the famous console and PC game CRysis, by the same authors of Far Cry.

      7) Valuing it is very different from general Battle Royale games like PUBG or Apex and has a lot more similarities to Counter-Strike. It is played in 5v5 teams, where one team has to plant a bomb and the other has to defuse it. The character graphics are modern and really nice to look at, flowing smoothly.

      8) Gotham City Impostors is a nice 3D game where you choose whether to play as a follower of Batman or the Joker in the fighting in Gotham City. This game can be downloaded for free from the Steam online store, available for Windows.

      9) Nexuiz is a free and fast FPS game for Windows and Xbox 360, extremely competitive. The war between two different factions is in a lull and only fighting takes place in an arena between warriors. These fights are broadcast across the galaxy as an entertainment telecast. The game can be played either alone against the computer or in multiplayer mode.

      10 ) Planetside 2 is a very nice game recently released, with large epic battles (up to 2000 players in one battle) and a variety of landscapes both day and night. It is one of the best 2012/2013 games in the multiplayer MMO game landscape

      11 ) Unreal tournament is a classic game and still of great impact and success, with a really fast-paced dynamic, first-person fighting in ever-changing arenas against other players.

      12 ) Team Fortress 2 is one of the best free games from the point of view of entertainment for its own sake, with 5 or 10 minute battles against everyone or in teams. TF2 also offers a great variety of warrior types that are very nice to see and very particular in combat. There are classes like the Spy, the Doctor or the Engineer that can entertain even those who are not fans of pure shooter.

      13 ) Xonotic similar to Quake, completely free and open source, it is perhaps the best shooter game for online matches against friends ..
      Xonotic was also mentioned in the list of best free 3D FPS games for Windows, Linux and Mac.

      14 ) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a beautiful multiplayer shooter game, with more than 20 million active players and a graphics sector that makes it even better than many paid games.

      15 ) Modern Combat 5 is one of the best FPS games you can download from the Microsoft store for Windows 10, fully multiplayer.

      16 ) Alien Swarm is a beautiful game that can be downloaded and installed from Steam, a Valve shooter, the same as Half Life, based on the Unreal Tournament game engine.

      17 ) APB Reloaded is an RPG shooter game, where you play as a criminal or vigilante in a degraded city similar to that of GTA, where you can do as you want, but following the various missions indicated and playing against other people.

      18 ) Red eclipse is a single and multi-player FPS game for Windows and Mac, set in a fantasy world with aliens. The game is open source and every detail of the game can be modified.

      19 ) TrueCombat: Elite is another tactical team game for Windows, Linux and Mac, set in a modern world in conflict between different teams.

      20 ) Wolf team is another very fast free FPS game with 3D graphics for Windows that pits humans against werewolves. Humans have a large number of weapons at their disposal, giving them an advantage from a distance while wolves, who have no chance to attack at long range, are faster and more powerful than humans. From a human being you can transform yourself into a wolf and this aspect gives great variety to this game.

      25 best FPS shooter games for PC for free 21 ) Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a game reported among the best free FPS for Windows and Mac, which can be played in multiplayer mode for up to 32 players together. Wolfenstein is a team game and the only way to complete the objectives is through cooperation. Always cover teammates by using your special skills in concert with others.

      22 ) Argon is a beautiful classic war game derived from Arma 3, where you grow as a soldier in the realistic battle boss.

      23 ) Black Squad it was considered one of the best releases of 2017, powerful, balanced even if you play without spending money, competitive and with excellent Gameplay.

      24 ) Crossfire West is one of the oldest shooter games, very successful in the east and still updated with different game modes.

      25 ) Quake champions is part of the Quake series of multiplayer games, made free in 2018 on PC only. There are several game modes such as deathmatch, one-on-one, duels and an excellent selection of weapons.

      26 ) Rogue Company is another great third-person FPS game with lots of players online in multiplayer mode. As a game it is quite similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with teams of four players against each other in different modes. At the start of each match, players can purchase weapons, upgrades, and grenades using the credits they earn in each battle.

      25 best FPS shooter games for PC for free

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