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    4 things to remember before moving data to the cloud

    The cloud is increasingly used by individuals and companies. Here's what to do before moving your photos and data to the cloud.

    4 things to remember before moving data to the cloud

    In recent years, the cloud has become a widely used service, not only for saving photos and documents of individuals, but also for save company data. This system certainly offers numerous advantages, especially for the speed of sharing information and the ability to store everything online without using a physical medium.

    The cloud has enabled companies to better manage their businesses by integrating storage services, e-mail and sophisticated applications. Regardless of the type of cloud you want to choose, it is important to remember a few things before moving files, data and documents to the cloud. We've listed some essential tips below.

    1. Plan the necessary space

    Cloud subscriptions have the characteristic of being scalable. This means that you can start with a basic package and then expand your resources later. It is very important to consider how much space is needed to save corporate data, so as to define the size of the infrastructure before making the switch.

    The costs can be considered, having a sufficiently reliable forecast of the expenses that will have to be incurred. There data migration to the cloud it can last for days or weeks, depending on the amount of information to be transferred.

    2. Track all movements

    To make sure you don't lose any data while moving to the cloud, it's important to keep track of all the files that are being transferred.

    It is therefore necessary to draw up a list of files and folders to be moved, trying to follow the entire migration process step by step to ensure that each document is correctly transferred to the new online platform.

    4 things to remember before moving data to the cloud

    3. Check the reliability of the service

    Before making the switch, it is good to evaluate theplatform reliability. If a company that has moved to the cloud is the victim of any disruption of service, it risks major damage and loss of money.

    For this reason, major cloud companies offer a guarantee of the 99,9% in uptime, that is, they guarantee high reliability and continuity of the service. This value is high, but attention must still be paid to the small unsecured percentage.

    4. Have a contingency plan

    While 0,01% may seem like a negligible value, it is still a problem because it could cause a service outage. So companies must always have a emergency plan in case the cloud is not available.

    It is also of fundamental importance to make a complete backup of the data, creating copies of the whole cloud infrastructure so as not to risk losing important data.

    What to do before moving files to the cloud: conclusions

    In this article, we have outlined 4 key points to consider before moving your business structure to the cloud systems. The safety, reliability and modularity of the service are certainly parameters that should not be underestimated.

    If you are looking for profitable cloud services, you can consult Babylon Cloud entirely from your country.

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