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    Android: how to display the password of a WiFi network

    If you have ever tried to view a saved WiFi password on an Android smartphone, you probably know that it is simply not possible to do so. This is one of the faults of the OS, where on a computer, Windows can display the passwords of WiFi networks saved in a few clicks. In this article, we are going to show how to achieve this on Android.

    We are not supposed to forget the WiFi password of a Box or any other personal access point. And even if that happens, it is very easy to retrieve it from the administration of the modem / router. But for connections on a public WiFi network, it is less easy when the password is saved on an Android smartphone. If someone else has entered it, it is not possible to display it to connect, for example on a second device.

    That the feature is not accessible by default, unlike Windows PCs, in no way means that it is impossible todisplay a WiFi password on Android. There are roundabout ways to get there. These tips require the smartphone to be rooted.

    Show WiFi password on Android: the manual method

    More and more things are possible with Android, without having to root your smartphone. But viewing WiFi passwords requires super user privilege. If you are ready to root your Android smartphone, follow the link. Then the manual method goes through the use of a file explorer capable of accessing the root folders. Download Root Browser File Manager from the Play Store or Es File Explorer.

    Access the file wpa_supplicant.conf which is in data> misc> wifi. This file contains all the WiFi networks to which you have connected. The information is displayed in plain text. The password is on the line PSK =…

    Go through an application

    As an alternative to the manual method, it is possible to display a Wifi password pot on Android through an application dedicated to this task. The WiFi Password Show app does this very well. But do not confuse it with an application that allows you to crack wifi passwords. Its purpose is rather to display the passwords on the WiFi networks saved on the smartphone.

    > Download Wifi Password Show from the Play Store <

    The application is easy to use. once installed, open it. If your smartphone is rooted, all the Wifi saved on the device are displayed in a list with the network ID and password just below.

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