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    Apple iPhone 11 Pro: what is its ultra-wide-angle photo module worth?

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    LABO / The new iPhone 11 Pro have just entered our laboratories. What is the value of the ultra-wide-angle photo module introduced on the brand's smartphones for the first time?

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro Launch price 1159 €

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    How the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max pricing table works Launch price €1259

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    How the price table works

    This year, Apple has focused the communication of its iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max around the photo. An area in which the company had fallen behind its competitors, which have been multiplying photo modules and functionalities for several years. For the first time, iPhones pass the milestone of the triple photo module – with a decried physical integration. We find the now usual wide-angle and 2x zoom modules, finally accompanied by an ultra-wide-angle module. It is on the latter that we will focus here.

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    For this module, Apple has chosen a 12 Mpx sensor. It is surmounted by a 13 mm equivalent lens, opening at f/2,4 and offering a field of vision of 120°. This allows the iPhone to finally enter the era of versatile photo smartphones and to catch up with a competition that has already widely adopted this type of camera. Below is an overview of the framing differences offered by the 3 modules of the iPhone 11 Pro.

    Very good during the day, passable at night

    We screened Apple's terminal in our test scene. In broad daylight, the apple brand is present. Without excelling in the details rendered at very wide-angle, the shots display an excellent level. As almost always with the iPhone, image processing favors warm tones and natural rendering. The approach of a Galaxy Note 10+ is slightly different in the exercise. Samsung plays more on the accent to reinforce the feeling of details. One of the strengths of the ultra-wide-angle iPhone 11 Pro is that it maintains the correct level over a large part of the image – except in the corners, which suffer from barrel distortion. On the edges, the Galaxy Note 10+ gives the feeling of forcing the line, which is not the case with the iPhone 11 Pro.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ ( Ultra grand-angle)

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Ultra grand-angle)

    In low light, the iPhone 11 Pro fails to maintain this image quality. Like most smartphones, the degradation of the shots is obvious. Electronic noise is very present, but Apple decides not to apply excessive smoothing. Still facing Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+, the iPhone 11 Pro is not ridiculous. The Korean terminal offers better exposure, but at the cost of poorly managed artifacts in the smoothing process. What is interesting is that Apple has chosen to trigger at 1/15 s for 2 ISO, against 000/1 s and 8 ISO for the Note 1+. In practice, the iPhone 250 Pro prefers to prioritize the sharpness of a subject over the correct exposure of it.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (Ultra grand-angle)

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Ultra grand-angle)

    New on the software side

    If Apple is no longer a source of innovation and arrives after the others, it must be recognized that there is often a little something extra. For the ultra wide-angle, the iPhone 11 Pro offers an interesting function. When capturing a photo with the main module or the zoom, the screen also displays what the module with the wider field of vision sees. This sometimes makes it possible to realize that you can switch to ultra wide-angle to obtain a better framing. It is also possible to save both shots at the same time, to be able to choose the best one later.

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Ultra grand-angle)

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro (grand-angle)

    The photo application knows some changes in its interface. Features such as flash, aspect ratio, filters and self-timer are placed to be easier to use with one hand. Launching a video can now be done directly by sliding the trigger button up or by holding your finger on it. Burst capture is accessible by dragging the trigger down. Very small novelties certainly, but always well thought out.

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